Umpires win Memorial Game vs NY Region Admin !

USACUA's Fitzroy Hayles receiving the Trophy from the wife & son of Jerry Kishun. Krish Prasad on right.

USACUA’s Fitzroy Hayles recieving the Trophy from the wife & son of Jerry Kishun. Krish Prasad on right.

The USA Cricket Umpires Association held its 2nd Annual Memorial game to honor umpires whose innings have ended. The match was played Labor Day vs the New York Region administration team, & the event was sponsored by Bedessie Sports.

American College Cricket President Lloyd Jodah was invited to play for the NYR, but was given the wrong time & field ! Sabotage is suspected, as perhaps Jodah’s Rohan Kanhai-like reputation as a batsman preceeded him !

Anyway a good time was had by all, as the Umpires seemed determined to win, and they did ! The game honored Umpires Lennox Douglas, Jerry Kishun, Owen Roberts, Henrit Scott, Lee Roberts, Don Harris & Lloyd Thompson.

NY Region XI – 149 for 7 in 20 overs
Deryck Kallicharan – 27 
Sew Shivnarine – 27 

USACUA XI – 150 for 5 in 15.3 overs
Emmanuel – 50 not out     (has umpired the  American College Cricket North East Championships)
Ravello – 41 not out  (if he’s an umpire, he’s a very young one !)

Among the longtime cricket stalwarts who were present were : Krish Prasad (American College Cricket Advisory Board member & NYR Rep to USACA) & his family, Hugh Pitter (of Gateway), Lloyd Dixon, Steve Kalloo (our Chief Umpire for the North East Championships ), Lester Hooper (NYR Chairman), Sew Shivnarine, Fitzroy Hayles, Chubb Bedessie, Venelda Wallace, Linden Frazier & more . Lenny Achaibar & Carl Bennett provided commentary. Our sympathies to Carl, whose father passed away recently.       CLICK ON PHOTO TO SEE WHOLE.

 A tribute to Jerry Kishun


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