Jerry Kishun,”I became an umpire to give back to the game that gave me so much.”

Umpire Jerry Kishun in a game.Photo by Sheik Mohammed,
Jerry Kishun said , “I became an umpire to give back to the game that gave me so much”.
That tells you what kind of man we lost to a hit and run driver – probably someone busy with his/her phone and didn’t see -Thursday morning.
The Umpires are in the middle of the action, and in cricket the ultimate arbiters of the on field action. The umpires’ status on the field is one of the best aspects of cricket, and the recent Bell incident was an example where changing the Umpire’s decison was NOT “in the spirit of the game”.
Two Saturdays ago NYPD Sargeant Mahaan Chandu asked if I could get a couple of umpires for the NYPD Cricket team’s game vs the Pakistan Consulate Securty. I made a call to Umpire Steve Kalloo, and Umpire Jerry Kishun was one of the umpires that came to officiate that game on Sunday Sept 4th.
Tragically, on Thursday Jerry was on his way to his full time job when he was struck by a hit and run driver on the Grand Central Parkway in Queens around 5 am, and killed.
Reports differ, as to whether he came out of his car to view damage to his car from being rear ended, or because his car broke down.
Jerry’s old friend, cricket writer and PSAL Coach Sam Shoopersad said he knew Jerry for over 50 years,and they both began playing cricket as boys in Guyana ,
 “Jerry bowled medium pace. Like most medium pacers his line and length were immaculate.
He was trained as an umpire back in Guyana, certified by WICB and stood in numerous First Class matches.
In New York, Jerry umpired in the Red Stripe Tournaments, the Caribbean Cup, several USACA Regional Tournaments, Inter-League Tournaments, and numerous other tournaments and competitions. Jerry was a well liked and respected umpire attached to the United States of America Cricket Umpires’ Association (USACUA), standing in the Brooklyn Cricket League, Nassau Cricket League, and the Eastern American Cricket Association.
With the advent of the Public Schools Athletic League Varsity cricket Program, Umpire Jerry was called to duty and he was one of the favorites of the young players.”
EACA President Rudy Persaud said, “Uncle Jerry was a very courteous, humble and well liked individual and he always greet you with a smile. He was well respected among the cricket fraternity in NY; especially in the Eastern American Cricket Association.”
Krish Prasad, Lloyd Jodah, Steve Kalloo, former USA Captain Zamin Amin were among those at the wake on Friday night.
Our sincere condolences to Jerry’s family.
Services will be held at St. Paul Lutheran Church located at 102-06 129th Street in Richmond Hill.
Friday and Saturday from 6pm to 9pm and on Sunday from 2pm to 6pm.
The funeral will be on Monday beginning at 9am at the same location.
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