Season starts Oct 13, 7pm on TV Asia in USA & Canada ! & Every Sat !

Saturday Oct 13 on TV Asia at 7 pm, kicks off the 2012 American College Cricket TV season – 18 matches from 6 regional Championships across the USA being televised ball by ball in USA & Canada !

The “grass roots” of all major American sports has always been at the college level – all major American sports have developed from the college level historically. American College Cricket’s efforts gives the game its best shot at becoming a vital part of the American sports scene.

TV Asia is the largest desi channel in the USA & Canada, available on all major cable systems on Dish Network and all major Cable systems such as Cablevision, Time Warner, Comcast Xfinity, Cox,Verizon FIOS and A T & T u verse as well as Rogers and Bell Canada.

Colleges can get TV Asia on campus easily, and some,including Rutgers and Auburn, have already done so :

Despite the many hurdles and the lack of cricket infrastructure the coverage by TV Asia is moving forward and improving each time. Students are getting opportunities to try out their sports announcer skills, or dreams, as well as play on TV.

Though we, the cricket community, treat start times as suggestions, American College Cricket has pioneered the playing of 3 matches in a day which is now used by practically every tournament organiser in the USA & Canada.

‘TV Asia is proud to be associated with American College Cricket in televising the regionals and the Spring break Championship Cricket matches in USA & Canada”, stated Mr. H.R. Shah Chairman of TV Asia. “This agreement reaffirms TV Asia’s commitment to be the Voice and Mirror of the South Asian Community in United States and Canada,”

”American College Cricket pioneered cricket promotion on Facebook, Twitter and now Google +, to reach the Cricket audience in the USA and Canada and was the first to webstream domestic cricket in the USA in March 2010. TV Asia’s mission and strategy is geared towards the American and Canadian audience so they are the ideal Media Partners”, American College Cricket’s founder and President Lloyd Jodah stated.

“Through this partnership members of American College Cricket and its associated student organisations have a major media entity now, TV Asia, to cover your accomplishments and provide an outlet for your talents,and your educational,cultural and sporting activities.”

Iowa State University Cylcones vs University at Buffalo Bulls at 7 pm…..TV Asia, Sat Oct 13

Matches will be bradcast every Saturday at 7 pm

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