How to get TV Asia on Campus, & at Home ! College Cricket & more !

For Universities/Colleges :

TV Asia’s distribution partners International Media Distributors has a program for distribution in Colleges – tell the University Relations Dept in your colleges. Educational Partners:

In an effort to enhance educational programs for students, International Media Distribution is proud to connect schools across the United States with the best networks from around the world. The networks aid students in learning a language, understanding cultures or entertaining students far from home.

TV Asia already is carried by the following Universities :

Rutgers Universty
Auburn University
Kansas State University
Stanford University
Union College (Schenectady)
University of Wisconsin Madison
Western Michigan University

TV Asia is a US based pay Channel available on Echo Star’s DISH Network Platform, on major Cable systems such as Cablevision, Time Warner, Comcast Xfinity, Cox, and on Verizon FIOS and A T & T uverse in the USA, and on Rogers and Bell Canada in Canada. Don’t have TV Asia ? Call 1800 652 2253

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