Reminders for All Players !

Below are some of the playing rules & conditions for all of our tournaments. In addition all players are expected to follow the usual standards of sportsmanship, and cricket. This List is not exhaustive, but just a reminder of some main points.

All matches must finish on time – in the 2010 National Championship ALL 47 matches finished in 3 hours !

1 – Each 20 overs must be bowled in 75 mins – if not completed, the Umpires may determine which team is at fault, & deduct overs from that team. Teams must be at field 30 minutes before start time.

2 – New Batsman must be at the wicket (striker or non-striker end) & be ready for next delivery in 90 seconds – or batsman will be timed OUT.

3 – Delay of game may be called by Umpires, or off-field Manager . Penalties : delays by fielding team = a Free Hit for each incident. Delays by the batsmen = loss of delivery for each incident.

4 – Time out for injury will not cause penalties (same for TV timeout)

5 – Water – to be taken at fall of wicket, lost ball, or end of over when authorised. Person bringing water must at least jog onto field.

6 – As usual for American College Cricket :
1- Balls deemed playable, just outside leg (about 6 inches) will NOT be called wide.
2 – Maximum of 6 fielders on one side of the field.
Standard ICC T20 rules apply otherwise.

7 – Sunday’s Matches will be shown on TV – another reason for each player’s conduct to be perfect !

8 – NO unauthorised logos on helmets etc .

9 – Helmets must be worn:
by batsmen against any bowler who is not a spinner
by the Wicket keeper standing up, or any close fielder

10 – Penalties may be applied for physical threats/actions and “over the line sledging” – these are judgement calls by the Umpires.
Arguing with, or demonstrating against the Umpire is cause for ejection.

11 – Advancing to the next round is based on Points, in the Nationals top 2 teams in each Group advancing.  As it has been for the past 4 years, and will always be.

12 – Scoring must be done with the CricHQ app, available for iPhones & Android phones.

Remember, American College Cricket is NOT just  about playing the game – we are the future of the game in the USA and the world.

We were the first to webstream then televise cricket in America & Canada and will continue to set the bar high in developing the game.

Please be on time, play your best,have fun & demonstrate that your love for cricket is more than words – let’s play for the game !

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