4,4,6,6,6,6…..32 runs in an over, video !


Darshan Prakash Masti (Syracuse) 2016 North East MVP

Darshan Prakash Masti (Syracuse) 2016 North East MVP

Here’s what Thushant Pillai, the Syracuse Captain had to say about Darshan Prakash Masti’s batting,

“Words can’t fully express our experience during this year’s regionals.. The intensity and thrill was just unbelievable.. As an example, try to imagine this situation against Rutgers, we needed 40 to win from the last 3 overs. Darshan Masti Prakash decides not to wait anymore, went berserk and attacked one of their main bowlers, who had an economy of 5.5 runs per over until then, for 4,4,6,6,6,6!! 32 runs in the third last over!!





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