Home & Away Games – Rules & Expectations !

Trophy3It’s always been the intention to have a strong, vibrant Home & Away season and so we will shift the emphasis to that, and make Home & Away matches a Qualifier for Regionals.

REGIONALS : The number of Teams playing each Regional may be restricted to 6 . This makes logistics much easier, as it’s simpler to get 2 fields next to each other, like in Boston, Philly, Ft Lauderdale, Houston or Dallas and Los Angeles or San Francisco.

NATIONALS: There are also advantages, logistically, to making Nationals smaller, 16 Teams. There would be no difficulty getting enough fields. However we recognize the great attraction for hundreds of students to make it to Florida as an awesome experience so this has not been decided.

Qualifiers to play 2017 Regionals :
1 – Must play a required # of Home & Away matches (from now to your 2017 Regionals). This will vary from Conference to Conference, as distances are much greater in some.
2 – Must have Team members who are Sharing American College Cricket news regularly through out the year.
3 – Clubs must show an increase in membership to ensure club stays active.

Home & Away Rules & Expectations:

Presentation is important. This is an opportunity to showcase your club to other students, your college admins & possibly media. A game must NOT look like its “street” or “Gully” cricket, it must look like 2 universities, multi-million dollar brands, competing !

Recently a school’s soccer photographer showed up at a Home & Away game, took pics & posted them on Instagram – it did NOT give a good image, Players must NOT wear white pads, have shirts not tucked in,be in non-school t shirts, wear non-school head wear etc.

1 – To put a Home & Away match in the Official Fixtures on support@cricclubs.com naming Home team, Field, Date & Time, & copy Lloyd, the day before at the latest. Your club must have a Cric Club account set up.

2 – ALL players must be in uniform. For new players, without a uniform, the college T-shirt is acceptable with trousers as close in color to the uniform, or black trousers. Shirts tucked in.

After the game:

3 – Each Club Pres/Captain must email a pic of his team to Lloyd, to show it is properly attired

4 – Each Club Pres/Capt must email a brief Report grading the other team : A, B,C,D on:
1- conduct
2 – uniform
and also an estimate of number of spectators.

If any pic is posted on Facebook etc where a player is not properly attired that player is suspended from playing the next match. The Club Pres/ Captain may suspend the player for more.
This applies to any player, when you are wearing the uniform you are representative of your team, even if you are not playing.

Additionally the Team will lose 5 points from its Home & Away Points total.

Failure of a Team to adhere to these Rules could result in its matches losing official status.


Cric Clubs -if your game is not scored on Cric Clubs it is NOT an official game.

2 XI – a game between your 1st XI & your 2nd XI may count as a Home & Away game provided Lloyd has been informed of the creation of your 2nd XI.

Super Sub – ALL of our matches allow a Supersub, who is a 12th man who can Field & Bowl.

Time Limit – Our Official time for Regionals & Nationals is 75 minutes but because you are using Team members as Officials we’ll allow 85 minutes in Home & Away matches.

Wides – draw a line 6 inches from the Stumps. This is for wides on the Leg Side.

POINTS SYSTEM for Home & Away games. 7 points for a WIN

4 points for playing an AWAY match
4 points for a LOSS
1 Bonus point for scoring rate of 7.5
1 additional Bonus point for scoring rate of 10
1 Bonus point for bowling a team out.
0 Bonus points for team that is all out
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