MIT Engineers’ Report at Summer Break !

MIT Club President Koustuban Ravi (in helmet)

MIT Club President Koustuban Ravi (in helmet)

by Koustuban Ravi (MIT Club President)

MIT had a great start to this year’s American College Cricket Home and Away season.
We played 9 games; won 6, lost 3 and are currently at the top of the table with 87 points. This is a good start and if we improve upon our performance this season, we’ll be in with a good chance to win the 2014 American College Cricket home and away championship. As we head into the break, I’d like to acknowledge the efforts of all our members for their contributions. Here are some of the key performances for this season

Batting :
Fahad Mahmood: 339 runs in 9 innings (average of 42.4)   (# in the H & A batting)
Priyank Kumar: 202 runs in 8 innings (average of 33.4)
Koustuban Ravi: 156 runs in 7 innings (average of 39)

Usman Ayyaz : 10 wickets in 7 matches
Mohit Kansal : 10 wickets in 5 matches
Jehangir amjad : 8 wickets in 7 matches
Usman Naseer : 8 wickets in 8 matches
Saad Shoukat : 6 wickets in 8 matches
Sivaraman Ramaswamy : 5 wickets in 5 matches
Neev Wanvari : 5 wickets in 5 matches
Tughral Ali : 4 wickets in 4 matches, economy rate of 4.7

Fielding :
Saad Shoukat, Usman Ayyaz ( great catches , ground fielding an


1) Arsalan Adil : Performed the tough job of opening the batting and always took strike. He put a price on his wicket and ensured there were no opening disasters. We will miss him at the top.

2) Fahad Mahmood: The stand out batting performer for the team so far. Gave us an incredible start to the innings every single time by scoring quickly without much risk. After opening the batting, he kept brilliantly every single time, virtually snagging all chances. Did the selection job with very high integrity and discipline. Was on time for practice and helped with kits every single time. Above all this, he helped support away games by driving us down to the game venues, every single time.

3) Priyank Kumar: As usual, the cornerstone of MIT’s batting lineup. He performed the duty of steering MIT in many batting performances. Provided an excellent first season of leadership with Jehangir.

4) Vineet Agrawal : Provided stability with good batting performances this season. Much greater things are expected in the fall.

5) Sourav Padhy: Performed well almost every single time, scoring 20 odd runs on each occasion. He scored quickly, putting the bad balls away while respecting the good balls.

6) Usman Ayyaz : The standout bowler of the season. Provided initial breakthroughs every single time and put the opposition under serious pressure with a superb economy rate and furious pace. Along with Saad Shoukat, was perhaps the best fielder in the side. The future is bright for this sophomore with key performances expected over his next 2 years at MIT with both bat and ball.

7) Muhammad Jehanjir Amjad : One half of one of the best first change bowling pairs in ACC. After Ayyaz’s thunderbolts, he put opposition batsmen under serious pressure with his swing and seam movement. Snagged 8 crucial wickets , many of which were key for victories. Supplied excellent counsel in the management of the club, took initiative in helping set up matches and along with priyank provided able leadership in our campaigns.

8) Mohit Kansal: Big impact player. Changed games with his bowling with quick wickets. Took MIT’s first ever hat trick, second five wicket haul and was on a hat trick twice in just 5 matches. The bowling depth was significantly enhanced by his contributions. As the 3rd round of bowling ammunition, he will be hard to replace.

9) Saad Shoukat: In tandem with jehangir, unleashed the second wave of attack on opposition batsmen. Troubled batsmen with pace and bounce and later on in the season started to realize his potential as a batsman. In the field, he took some improbable catches and is the only one to consistently hold on to catches in the deep. Showed incredible commitment on the field every single time. Helped chaperone us to games by driving players down to the venue.

10) Usman Naseer: The most improved player of the team along with sivaraman. In a single season, from being new to playing competitive cricket, he became a crucial wicket taker for the team. His potential as a batsman is evident in the strong performance against Harvard. Most importantly, in the field he has held on to some really tough catches. The best is yet to come.

11) Tugral Turab Ali: The bowling stalwart of our lineup. Nothing short of excellence is expected from tughral when he plays and he always delivers. If he is not among the wickets, he most certainly puts pressure with his miserly economy rate. Only a short stint of 4 matches for him this season but he will be a key member of MIT’s pace legacy.

12) Sivaram Ramaswamy : Along with Usman Naseer, probably the most improved player of the team. Provided breakthroughs in all his opening spells, saving one at Harvard and was miserly with his good line and length. Showed good fielding and catching skills and holds promise with the bat. More is expected over the next year.

13) Savithru Jayasinghe : A very tough bowler to score off, he has held one end up every single time while opening the bowling. With the graduation of players, more will be expected from savithru with both bat and ball over the next year.

14) Neev Wanvaari: Created a big impact in just a short time. Took 5 wickets in just three bowling outings with important breakthroughs each time. Helped enormously by driving us down to games. His pleasant personality will be missed.

15) Thilanka Munasinghe: An ebullient and tough customer, his bowling always left the opposition in trouble. Hope he stays around at MIT to continue to contribute to our cause next season.

16) Samarth Mohan : An unfortunate injury prevented him from giving his all. However, even in his short stay, his fielding has been a standout. The best is yet to come with bat and ball for this sophomore. Looking forward to an exciting 2 years.

17) Ankur Sharma : He played just one game for MIT but during the practices and at the internal tournament, his batting potential was obvious. His genial personality will be missed.

18) Akshay Luther : Was unfortunate to not have had a game during the season but his enthusiasm and support are greatly appreciated. Hope to see more of him if he is in the area next year.

MIT Captain Priyank Kumar added this about Koustuban :

Although primarily chosen for his bowling abilities, Ravi quickly realized he had to sharpen his batting skills to support the bowling-heavy MIT side. I don’t know if others know, but while Ravi was in India during winter, he actually attended a coaching camp and improved his batting. He has been extremely crucial and has been involved in two major (>150 runs) partnerships. He has gotten out only four times – lowest in our team, in accordance with Jehangir’s famous prediction.

Not to mention, his constant craving for improvement, infinite enthusiasm on and off-field, writing match reports, and his perennial commitment to building our once non-existent team and taking it to the top of American College Cricket table. Hats off to Ravi!

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