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Shafin Fateh (Princeton)

Shafin Fattah (Princeton)

He was Vice President,now President of the Princeton Cricket Club and from 2012 when the club was re-formed (it was one of the earliest college sports clubs formed in 1857), he and the E-board have been proactive, in becoming a part of American College Cricket, and playing as much as possible ! Shafin still makes time to run his blog & write a weekly Op-Ed for the Dhaka Tribune. This is how he describes himself :  

I am Shafin Fattah, a rising junior majoring in Economics at Princeton University. I grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh where I went to S.F.X Greenherald International School and later to Mastermind School.

Since childhood, I was always interested in socioeconomic development and politics of Bangladesh. At the same time, I came from an English medium education background attended by less than 1 % of the student population in Bangladesh. There is an increasing tendency among the students from this background to become disengaged from ongoing national socio-economic and political discourse.

I blog about socioeconomic, political and cultural developments in Bangladesh….I also write about personal experience, other interests, thoughts and reflections…..current affairs and the latest socioeconomic and political development across the globe.

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Princeton University 2012 team

Princeton University 2012 team

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