Coming – American College Cricket World Championship !

2011 American College Cricket National Championship - UPenn vs Texas Tech

2011 American College Cricket National Championship – UPenn vs Texas Tech

American College Cricket and TV Asia last night made a major announcement. Speaking on TV Asia, about the All American Team, American College Cricket President Lloyd Jodah said that another major event is being planned, where top universities from around the world would compete for a Cricket Championship.

TV Asia and American College Cricket are in discussion with major International entities and broadcasters; and the tournament will be held in Ft Lauderdale, Florida at the ICC ODI-Certified CBRP Cricket Stadium, possibly beginning in 2014 and continuing annually.

The American College Cricket National Championship in March, sponsored by Coca Cola & Dish Network , will continue to be the jewel in the crown of American College Cricket.

Jodah emphasized that, “development of the game in US & Canadian colleges is the priority of American College Cricket, but part of our strategic plan has always been to expand the college sports platform that is so strong in the USA, to cricket around the world. Tieing education & cricket together, giving more opportunities to young players, and, most importantly, growing the game. ”                                           

This will give Universities from major cricket playing countries : India, England, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Zimbabwe as well as from others like Holland, Ireland, Afghanistan, Nepal, Kenya the opportunity to come to the USA to compete vs the (top 2) American College Cricket teams from USA & Canada.

University of the West Indies (Cave Hill), 2010

University of the West Indies (Cave Hill), 2010

“In 2010 we had the University of the West Indies play at the American College Cricket Spring Break Championship, then in 2011 we hosted Presentation College from Trinidad & Tobago. In 2012/13 we explored hosting a Pakistani college team, but the principals for that effort couldn’t get the logistics completed in time. This international Championship is the follow-through of those initial steps.” Jodah explained.

A statement from TV Asia said : “Matches will be televised live to cricket fans in many countries.The Championship will provide a never-seen before international platform to harness the best talent in the US and inspire millions of youth across the globe.”

“It will be an ideal platform to expose youth from overseas to the rich cultural background of USA  and provide a means to deal with some social and political issues. Cricket can bring individuals and cultures together in peace. Such exchanges will help build trust by non political means, promote the ability to communicate, and be an important factor to foster goodwill and help break down stereotypes.”

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