What’s inside the most dangerous weapon in sports ?

some of the balls Jason cut through

some of the balls Jason cut through

Up to the late 1970s cricketers did not use helmets to protect our heads but covered our groin with “cups” – a revealing order of priorities !  

Thankfully we have the full array of protective gear now, & helmets are mandatory in American College Cricket against fast bowlers, because a hard cricket ball coming at you at over 90 mph is a dangerous proposition !

Catching it with your bare hands, coming off a bat at more than 100 mph has to be one of the toughest feats in sports !

Well, American College Cricket friend, Jason Mellet of Cricket Store Online, decided to get back at cricket balls for all the hard knocks over the years by cutting them up ! and letting us see what’s inside !

CLICK HERE to check out his fascinating odyssey:

PART 1 http://www.cricketstoreonline.com/cricket-balls-whats-inside-part-1/

PART 2http://www.cricketstoreonline.com/cricket-balls-whats-inside-part-2/

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