Our Century Makers, 2009 to 2013 !


The highest score in American College Cricket, from March 2009 to now, is by all rounder Adrian Gordon (NYU-Poly) who smashed 145* at the 2011 American College Cricket National Championship in Florida !

Adrian spent last summer playing in England, was offered an opportunity to play in Australia, but chose to play in Antigua, hoping to make it into the Caribbean Premiere League. He will play for the USA vs Canada again this July. 

Below is the list of 13 centurions, plus 2 scores in the 90′s. Romel Somavat (OSU) has both a century & a 97. USF  and York University now have 2 centurions each.  Seven 100s have been scored in our Nationals, & 6 in our Regionals.             PHOTO : Shane Warne, Adrian Gordon & Elizabeth Hurley at the 2011 IPL                                                                                                

Haider Ali’s (Rutgers) century was the first ever scored on TV in the USA & Canada. Our most consistent batsman, Khushroo Wadia (York University & Canada) has only failed once in 15 innings scoring 7 Fifties and a century. Adil Bhatti (Montgomery & USA), another of our most consistent, scored a century in the 2013 Nationals, & received a 1 year equipment sponsorship from Hammer Cricket.

Harsha Boddepalli (USF) 133                     2010 Nationals

 Faraz Arif (Purdue) 116*                            2010 MW Regionals 

Adrian Gordon (NYU-Poly & USA) 145*            2011 Nationals

 Rustam Bhatti (York University & Canada) 102* 2011 Nationals

 Ricky Nayar (UF) 101*                                2011 Nationals

 Romel Somavat (Ohio State) 116           2012 MW Regionals

 Prem Bhagavathi (NJIT)     107*             2012  NE Regionals

 Murali Ankaraju (Memphis) 131           2012 SC Regionals

Haider Ali (Rutgers) 119                           2012  NE Regionals

Krunal Bhange (USF) 127*                      2012 SE Regionals 

Khushroo Wadia (York Univ & Canada)  113     2012 Nationals

 Adil Bhatti (Montgomery & USA)         117*  2013 Nationals

 Rohan Uttarwar (Wayne State)  117   2013 Nationals  

 Romel Somavat (Ohio State) 97        2010 MW Regionals

 Harsh Sowani (USC) 95                        2010 West Coast Reg.

Khushroo Wadia (York U)

Khushroo Wadia (York U)


Prem Bhagavathi (NJIT)

Prem Bhagavathi (NJIT)

Adil Bhatti (Montgomery)

Rohan Uttarwar (Wayne State)

Rohan Uttarwar (Wayne State)

Romel Somavat (OSU)

Rustam Bhatti (York University)

Krunal Bhange (USF) & Lloyd

Haider Ali (Rutgers)

Murali Ankaraju (U of Memphis)

Faraz Arif (Purdue)

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