The Coca Cola ‘Small World Machine’ !

Raman Rana (University at Buffalo) bowling at the 2013 National Championship in Florida

Back in 1971 they taught “the world to sing”, now Presenting Sponsor of American College Cricket, Coca Cola’s new ‘machine’  is getting a lot of reaction – as seen in this video from Coca Cola and all over Facebook. 

From Coke’s website : ” High-tech vending machines installed in two popular shopping malls in Lahore, Pakistan and New Delhi, India – two cities separated by only 325 miles, but seemingly worlds apart due to decades of political tension – invited consumers to put their differences aside and share a simple moment over a Coke.  

 The “Small World Machines” provided a live communications portal linking strangers in two nations divided by more than just borders, with the hope of provoking happiness and promoting cultural understanding around the world. Coke and Leo Burnett used first-of-its-kind 3D touchscreen technology to project a streaming video feed onto the vending machine screen while simultaneously filming through the unit to capture a live emotional exchange. People from both countries and various walks of life were encouraged to complete a friendly task together – wave, touch hands, draw a peace sign or dance – before sharing a Coca-Cola.

Jackie Jantos Tulloch, Coke’s global creative director and project lead, compares the live simulcast experience to looking into a webcam, face-to-face with another person. “Your actions are literally mirrored,” she explains. “By adding a touch screen, it allowed us to play interactive animations so people could trace things like a heart or smiley face together.”

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