The Colleges competing for the Chanderpaul Trophy & National Title !

In March 2009 5 new college teams, with practically no practice playing together stepped out on cricket fields in Florida to compete for the Chanderpaul Trophy & a National title for the first time.

They earned a big story in the NY Times of March 24, 2009.
In 2011 for the 3rd American College Cricket Spring Break Championship, 30 teams competed in 5 days in a record 67 matches – the largest ever cricket tournament in the world !

For the 5th Championship, this year the limit was set at 24 teams but as American College Cricket President Lloyd Jodah said, “Because of the hard work it takes to get to the Nationals for these clubs, its difficult to say no, because at this stage of our development we want to encourage clubs.”

As a result 28 teams will compete & get the chance to play on TV Asia across USA & Canada, with Coca Cola as the major, and Dish Network the supporting sponsor.

UMBC                     University of Maryland Baltimore County
UPenn                    University of Pennsylvania
UB                           University of Buffalo
USF                         University of South Florida
FIU                         Florida International University
Auburn                  Auburn University
South Alabama  University of South Alabama
Memphis              University of Memphis  
CMU                      Carnegie Mellon University
MC                         Montgomery College                          
Harvard               Harvard Unniversity
Penn State          Penn State University
ASU                      Arkansas State University  
Texas A & M      Texas A & M University
Texas Tech        Texas Tech University
UH Cougars       University of Houston Cougars
UHCL Hawks     University of Houston Clearlake Hawks

Colin Michael Jodah, 1956 - 2013

Virginia Tech   Virginia Tech University
Ohio State          Ohio State University
Ryerson             Ryerson University                             
Iowa State         Iowa State University
Embry Riddle  Embry Riddle Aeronatical University
GWU                    George Washington University   
WVU                     West Virgina University
BU                         Boston University
UTA                     University of Texas Arlington
Wayne State     Wayne State University
Phoenix East   Phoenix East Aviation   
*being listed is not a guarantee of playing if major rules are not followed, such as Roster submission                  

Each year there will be clubs which don’t make it for a variety of reasons:- because they didn’t do the paperwork to keep their official status, or graduation has depleted a team, or a disciplinary issue, or lack of leadership, or inadequate strategic planning.

Each year there will be newcomers, ecstatic to be playing in the Nationals, & ready to kiss the ground when the step on the field, just like the first players did in 2009 !

So March 13 – 17, over 400 college students will have the best Spring Break of their lives, and give their all on the cricket fields of Florida – they’ll live out their fantasy of being a cricket star, & competing at a high level ! As Wayne State U’s Dhruv Pharmar said, “ I’ve been dreaming of this all my life …thank you for the opportunity.”

The 2013 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship will be dedicated to Colin Michael Jodah (brother of Lloyd) who was an important part of American College Cricket, behind the scenes. Among other things he did the schedule for the record setting 2010 & 2011 as well as the 2012 National Championships. He died Jan 18 at age 56.

Lloyd said, “My brother & I shared a lot,  most of our lives, cricket, music, our sense of humor and much more. I’ll really miss him.”

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