The 11 Century Makers !

Adrain Gordon with Shane Warne & Ellizabeth Hurley

The highest score in American College Cricket, from March 2009 to now, is by all rounder Adrian Gordon (NYU-Poly) who smashed 145* at the Nationals, the 2011 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship in Florida !

Below is the list of 11 centurions, plus 2 scores in the 90’s. Romel Somavat (Ohio State) has both a century & a 97. USF now has 2 centurions, its first Captain Harsha Poddepalli scored 133, and Krunal Bhange scored the most recent, 127*.

Our most consistent batsman, Khushroo Wadia (York University) has only failed once in 15 innings scoring 7 Fifties and a century. Adil Bhatti (Montgomery), our other most consistent, has 80* as his highest.

Harsha Boddepalli (USF) 133                         2010 Nationals
Faraz Arif (Purdue) 116*                                 2010 MW Regionals
Adrian Gordon (NYU-Poly) 145*                2011 Nationals
Rustam Bhatti (York University) 102*     2011 Nationals

Ricky Nayar (UF) 101*                                     2011 Nationals

Romel Somavat (Ohio State) 116                 2012 MW Regionals

Prem Bhagavart (NJIT)        107*                 2012  NE Regionals 

Murali Ankaraju (Memphis) 131                 2012 SC Regionals
Haider Ali (Rutgers)     119                             2012  NE Regionals
Kunal Bhange (USF) 127*                              2012 SE Regionals

Khushroo Wadia (York Univ)  113              2012 Nationals

Romel Somavat (Ohio State) 97                2010 MW Regionals
Harsh Sowani (USC) 95                                 2010 West Coast Reg.

Photos : Romel Somavat OSU)                                            Rustam Bhatti (York University )

Krunal Bhange (USF) & Lloyd Jodah

Haider Ali (Rutgers)

Farza Arif (Purdue)                                                                                            Murali Ankaraju ( U of Memphis)


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