India vs England ball by ball commentary !

Earlier this year Test Match Sofa was acquired by The Cricketer magazine. As Andrew Miller, The Cricketer’s editor likes to put it, the newest voice in the game was bought one of the oldest. The Cricketer magazine was established in 1921 by the legendary Pelham Warner, and is now entering its tenth decade as the sport’s foremost monthly publication.

“The Cricketer has a wonderfully devoted readership that has taken the magazine from strength to strength for the best part of a century,” says editor Andrew Miller. “But no print publication can afford to rest on its laurels in the Internet age.

Test Match Sofa has a cult following of young, technologically savvy cricket fans, and those are the people we as a business, and the sport as a whole, simply cannot afford to pass up.”

Interactivity is the cornerstone of Test Match Sofa. It is the ultimate pub conversation – witty, irreverent, and open to anyone with an internet connection and an opinion that deserves to be heard.

Using the Twitter handle @testmatchsofa listeners can communicate directly with our commentators – pass judgment on the action you are watching from your own living room, agree or disagree with the opinions being voiced, and steer the conversation in whatever direction takes their fancy.

Test Match Sofa was established in 2009 by Daniel Norcross, who quit an unfulfilling job in the city to pursue his dream of becoming a cricket commentator.Daniel’s brainchild has developed into an Internet phenomenon, reaching up to half a million users worldwide .

The Sofa’s style is unapologetically playful and chaotic: there are nicknames and jingles for all the players, and plenty of unruly arguments amongst the commentators, sometimes about serious cricketing matters such as DRS, sometimes about who’s going to the shop for beer, “you’d need a heart of stone not to enjoy the Sofa” – Gideon Haigh.

Above from The Cricketer’s Press Release.

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