South Central Championship Oct 13 & 14 ! Razorbacks, Red Wolves & Tigers !

In jobs, business, and life, leaders are crucial and in American College Cricket, leaders come to the fore in our cricket clubs. When others claim to be too busy to do anything for the game, some of our students practice organizational, motivational and leadership skills that will make them extremely valuable in their careers ahead. 

One such student-leader is Arkansas State University’s Divya Patel – a Chemistry Undergrad. In just over a month Divya Patel did a tremendous amount of work to organize the ASU Red Wolves Cricket Club, and get the team to the 2012 American College Cricket Spring Championship.

 Later, back in Arkansas Divya saw the schedule of American College Cricket regional championships and told Lloyd Jodah, American College Cricket President, how he wished the Red Wolves could play in one. Jodah said: 

I told Divya that I was working on the development of 2 new clubs in his part of the country so we might be able to have a regional for him. After I made the announcement that the University of Memphis and University of Arkansas had joined American College Cricket, Divya persisted in his efforts to get a regional. 

However with a schedule of televising 6 regionals with TV Asia this Fall, I could not go to Arkansas,and the new teams, Memphis & Razorbacks were only playing hard tennis ball. But after some intense efforts and lobbying by Divya and myself – and Patel offering to lend the new clubs equipment, the dates of the regional was set ! Divya wanted a date when the weather would be warm enough for a barbeque.” 

ASU Red Wolves on the team bus at Nationals in Florida, Divya Patel in front

Divya began a whirlwind of activity organizing a barbeque around the event and making all the necessary arrangements for a field, hotel, trophies etc. He then came up with a name, the American College Cricket South Central Championship !  

 Divya reported :“Super 8 motel is providing a discount for rooms for the Razorbacks. Jonesboro Cricket Club is providing us with the ground. Dan Das, junior Das, and Pradeep Mishra are assisting us with equipment from Jonesboro Cricket Club,water and keeping things together.

I also got someone from ASU to get interviews and some vidoes taken. Also I invited a couple local news people for maybe pictures or interview. Also got the trophies ! “

Patel designed a poster, as did the Memphis Tigers’ Vamsi Dhanekula (the cover photo). So this weekend the new teams from the University of Arkansas Razorbacks CC and the University of Memphis Tigers CC will battle with the Arkansas State University Red Wolves to determine the first Champion of the American College Cricket South Central Conference !

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