Alyna 5: Plyometrics Workouts for speed,power & cuts! & meeting Chris Rock!


On my walk back to the apt – a 5.6 Km trek – I walked right by Chris Rock, and we both said hello to each other, asked each other how we were doing, and continued on! HOW COOL IS THAT?! I love Chris Rock, he has such an awesome smile, and such a distinct voice. I wish I stopped and chatted with him, and perhaps got a photograph, but I get really weird with celebrities, and I don’t like to make a big deal of them. I was so excited about it !!!!! I still am !!!!!

Before I left NYC, I took a walk to South Street Seaport in Lower Manhattan. My favourite kiosk was this amazing jewellery stand that sells real flowers that have been coated in resin to preserve their beauty and life; the resin hardens them enough that you can throw them on the floor without them breaking. I wanted a pair of earrings SO BAD, but they cost $35-42, and at the moment I have to be frugal with my money. It was tempting though.


For one third of 2012, I have challenged myself to complete 4000 minutes of explosive plyometric exercises from the Nike Training Club app on my iPhone. And let me tell you, I am seeing results already! 

My tummy is getting flatter and my legs are getting more defined (I don’t think they will ever become smaller, since I am genetically cursed blessed with thunderous thighs). And best part…not only am I seeing results, but my friend Preet (who has been kind enough to accompany me during this challenge) is also seeing positive results. Awesome right?! SEEING RESULTS IS THE BEST MOTIVATION! My favourite thing about plyometrics is that I never get bored!  
Plyometrics are quick, powerful, and explosive movements which improve the  nervous system, build fast twitch muscle fibres, and increase power and reaction time. No wonder it is more commonly used amongst athletes eh?! These exercises will improve pretty much everything from agility, power, strength, and coordination. 
Basically they are drills or exercises which first eccentrically stretch the muscle and then quickly concentrically contract that same muscle. Muscles have a sort of defence mechanism, called a stretch-reflex, where they will actually contract when they are being stretched. I am sure you have experienced this before… as soon as you have stretched too far, your muscle will automatically contract in order to protect itself from being injured.
So, plyos play on this “stretch reflex.” Muscles will produce stronger concentric contractions, after it has been stretched!
Bottom line plyos are specifically designed to make us more powerful; this is done by increasing the maximum speed and force of each muscle contraction. Not only are they making the neuromuscular system (the intricate system of electrical signals shooting towards muscles so that they can move) more efficient, but they are actually increasing flexibility and strengthening tendons and ligaments attached to bones and muscles.
All this being said, because plyometrics are performed so rapidly and explosively, they can actually lead to injury. So please perform each exercise mindfully and WITH PROPER FORM !

If you are looking to improve your speed so you can stop the ball, or your vertical jump so that you can make those catches, then get yourself started with some PLYOMETRICS !  

Let me warn you though, plyometrics are not meant to be easy! There is a lot of jumping around, which means your heart rate is going to skyrocket. I don’t know about you, but I love when my heart rate is up; however, I have noticed many people find this to be uncomfortable and start slowing down as soon as their hearts start to pump faster. So, if you are weak at heart then either grow some kahoonas or continue living unfit, flabby, and unhealthy.
CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Ain’t nothing going to happen if you do not push yourself  !

Okay, so I went to this incredible burger joint, and oh-my-gosh, I was reborn. I wish I could bring Papa here since he loves a burgers.

Okay, the main reason for my rebirth: OSTRICH MEAT! I had freaking OSTRICH meat for the first time. I was soooo excited about trying it that I was having dreams about it the night before.

First off, all Bareburger’s ingredients are 100% organic,  their meats are all natural, free-range, and grass-fed, and all cheeses are also organic and all-natural.They have an awesome list of exotic meats to choose from: lamb, wild boar, elk, bison, and ostrich; as well as, turkey, chicken, veggie, and portobello mushroom patties. 

You have bread options as well: brioche bun, multigrain roll, wheat flour wrap, gluten-free tapioca rice bun, and lettuceleaves. And then to further make your mouth water, you can choose an assortment of toppings like bass avocado, onion rings, fried onions, apple smoked onions, cucumber mint yogurt, blackened maple bacon, canadian bacon, chipotle mayo, swiss, sharp cheddar, tomatillo sauce, pesto mayo, and the list goes on and on……….

Check out the menu – for real…if you don’t live in NYC you will want to fly here JUST for this freaking burger. 

I didn’t end up getting a bun with minecious, , instead I got a huge, delihearty salad, with the ostrich patty on top.

Fun Fact:

Ostrich meat is one of the leanest red meats out there; it is low in cholesterol, and high in protein. When compared to chicken, in a 100 gram serving, Ostrich meat has roughly 9% less cholesterol, close to 50 calories less than chicken, and 7% more protein!!! AND it tastes darn good!! Kind of like beef, but not as beefy (haha if that makes any sense). 

 The Brooklyn Bridge from the South Street Seaport.



Views expressed are the writer Alyna’s, & are NOT neccessarily those of Alyna is not a certified trainer or nutritionist but a college student continuing her studies in Kiniesiology at the University of Britsh Columbia. 

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