Troy Mars & Amarnauth Persaud top High School batting ! Playoffs begin !

by Lloyd Jodah

I’ve had the priviledge of seeing a few of his innings, and high school batsman Troy Mars is a delight to watch as he strokes the ball, fast and hard. He can build an innings too, as he did in his final innings of the 2012 PSAL (NYC High schools) Cricket League, smashing 194 against Queens High school of Teaching – a record !

Try’s 194 beat NYU-Polytechnic’s Adrian Gordon’s 145* scored at the 2011 American College Cricket Spring Break  Championship for possibly the highest score in the 20 over game in the US & Canada.

John Adams High School’s Mars’ 194 took him to 739 runs for the season, 26 runs more than left hander Amarnauth Persaud of Martin Van Buren High, who scored 716. Amarnauth Persaud topped the averages however, with a Bradmanesque 102 ! 

Mars also took 23 wickets, with a top performance of  5 for 20,as his team amassed 11 wins to 1 loss for a # 3 seed. Persaud’s Martin Van Buren won 8 and lost 5 for a # 10 rank. Aoun Iqbal’s William Bryant is seeded # 9 . Long Island City High is seeded # 1.

Aoun Iqbal scored 3 centuries this season, finishing with a 129*, an aggregate of 710 runs. 

Dewitt Clinton High’s Taher Miah took the most wickets, 31. 

BATTING AVERAGES                                             TOTAL              AVERAGE

Amarnauth Persaud (Martin Van Buren)                  716                     102

Abrar Zafar  ( FDR High)                                                   441                       88

Aoun Iqbal  (William Bryant )                                        710                       78

Troy Mars   (John Adams High)                                    739                       67

Salam Sajib   (Long Island City)                                    455                       58  

The Playoffs now begin, and you can come out and see real youth cricket, in the evenings, culminating with the Finals on June 16 th ! 

To see these boys play is to see what the game has been, and what it can be ! Unfortunately, there is so much more that can be done to raise the profile of this League by its administrators.

Community media from the West Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi,Indian should be carrying stories about this League but…….   

And other PSAL sports are on MSG.


Round1 Quarter Finals Semi Finals Finals
Baisley Park South – Cricket
6/5/201204:15 pm
 Prospect Heights(16)
Marine Park: Cricket 1
6/5/201204:15 pm
 Richmond Hill(5)
Baisley Pond Park #1 Cage Cricket
6/5/201204:15 pm
 Sheepshead Bay(12)
Kissena Park – Cricket 1
6/5/201204:15 pm
 John Adams(3)
Baisley Park South – Cricket
6/7/201202:00 pm
 Bklyn Int.(14)
Marine Park: Cricket 1
6/7/201204:00 pm
Van Cortlandt Park: Cricket
6/7/201204:00 pm
 Van Buren(10)
Marine Park: Cricket 1
6/7/201204:00 pm
 John Bowne(15)
6/6/2012 04:15 pm
6/6/2012 04:15 pm
6/8/2012 04:15 pm
6/8/2012 04:15 pm
Erskine Field (Gateway): Cricket
6/12/2012 04:15 pm
Erskine Field (Gateway): Cricket
6/13/2012 04:15 pm
Baisley Park South – Cricket
6/16/2012 02:00 pm

































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