University of the Fraser Valley joins American College Cricket !

Beacon Hill Cricket Pavillion,BC,Canada.University of the Fraser Valley Cricket team 2011

by Lloyd Jodah
In 2009 I noticed a campaign to save a historic cricket field in Vancouver. I joined the effort and, as President of American College Cricket, wrote a letter & made a few calls to the Mayor & City Council – they replied saying they would consider what I said, & read the letter at the City Council Meeting. 
Since we had just had a Championship which earned major coverage in the New York Times, I hoped I could be helpful. I later got a letter from the City Council informing me the field was temporarily saved (I would love to know what has happened since).
Cricket in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada goes back 200 years, and Beacon Hill Cricket field is over 150 years old. As historian David Sentance pointed out, the British Navy played cricket wherever it went,and it was even taught in schools. Sir Donald Bradman and the Australian team played on gorgeous Stanley Park Cricket Field in 1932.
The University of the Fraser Valley is much younger, established as Fraser Valley College in 1974 then gaining University status in 1991. The main campus is located in Abbotsford which coincidentally was an area where some Sikhs settled in 1905, to work in the lumber industry. Sikhs, many former British Army soldiers, first settled in Canada in the late 1800s. 
In 2009 UFV student Ahmed Iqbal started a school cricket club, which played its first game vs the Abbotsford Cricket Club. In 2011 Ahmed led the UFV team on a tour to the city of Victoria. There UFV played on the lovely and historic  Beacon Hill Cricket Field. Thouggh they lost all 3 of their games, including one against the University of Victoria, the new team loved it :
 Ali Zahoor said, “an experience that shall last life long !
Mithun Maman- ‎“The tour to Victoria”, an unforgettable experience in my life. Those three days will remain the best sweet memorable days in my life “.
Farooq Siddiq- “Loved Victoria city..great experience to be remembered..fantastic cricket team..had a lot of fun”
The club has also been introducing the game to people who have never played before such as Vikas Jolly :

“Special thanks to our captain Ahmed Iqbal who in knowing the fact that i never played cricket believed in me and helped me out.”
Captain & Club President Ahmed Iqbal said:
“The club is constantly active in organizing cricket practices, info sessions for people interested in cricket, indoor tournaments, outdoor summer games and other cricket related events with the help Student Union Society.
Many international and national students/members of UFV Cricket Club play on local teams that compete in British Columbia Mainland Cricket League (BCMCL).
We from UFV Cricket Club and the UFV Cricket team would like to thank Student Union Society of The University of the Fraser Valley for sponsoring our tours and events.
We will abide by the rules of American College Cricket,and continue helping to increase the profile of the game. We are excited to play in future tournaments.” 
Since 2009 UFV has played more, and won, including against University of Victoria. The UFV sports teams’ name is the Cascades.
The University of the Fraser Valley has grown to over 16,000 students, and in 2006 a Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies was opened, followed by the Appointment of the British Columbia Chair on Canada-India Business and Economic Development in 2007.
All teams of American College Cricket, TV Asia & Coca Cola welcome the University of the Fraser Valley to our family and hope to see the team at the 2012 West Coast Championship in California, and the 2013 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship in Florida.!/CollegeCricket

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