2012 National Championship MVP declared !

Here are the stats for 2 of the top players in the 2012 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship :
Sai Ramesh USF
45            2 for 12  off 2                     UPenn            
64*          3  for 23 off 3                      ASU
46           4 for   9 in 3                       Embry
20           0 for 9 off 2                         ISU
42           0 for 21 off 4                       York University   plus run out
42           2 for 34 off 4                       York College  plus run out                     
Ramesh,bowling off spin, took 11 wickets for 108 runs. He scored 259 runs @ 51.8 runs average.
Sai took 7 catches in front of and behind the wicket. 
Ashgar Sheik  USF
88           3 for 7 off 2                       UPenn
17           0 for 14 off 3                     ASU 
50           2 for 12 off 3                     Embry
76            2 for 19 0ff 2                    ISU 
22           1 for 37 off 3  JP               York U
15           1 for 36 off 4                     York College
Ashgar Sheikh,bowling fast, took 9 wickets for 115 runs. He scored 268 runs @ 47 runs average, with 3 fifties.
Sheikh took 5 catches.
Both fielded extremely well.
Either player, based on Championship statistics and on and off the field conduct including promotion of American College Cricket, would be a fitting American College Cricket MVP,  and a worthy ambassador.
Ultimately Sai Ramesh was declared the 2012 American College Cricket National Championship MVP ! A master blaster of the ball who hits the ball hard and with arrogance, Sai is also a delightful strokeplayer who opens the batting, and in every innings got the University of South Florida off to a flying start in this national Championship.
His off spin bowling has always been excellent enough to play as a specialist bowler, whilst his wicket keeping and fielding was of a highly professional and athletic level.
Sai has a Masters in Electrical Engineering,and is currently doing his Phd at USF, whilst looking for a job opportunity.  This will be his 3rd year selected to the All America team.
Sai Ramesh also had an outstanding 2010 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship for USF, then in 2011 transferred to UCF where, with American College Cricket President Lloyd Jodah, he started a team which he captained in the 2011 Championship.  
When American College Cricket arranged Shiv Chanderpaul’s visit to UCF in 2011, Sai assisted with the organizing.    
Stats were made possible by CricHQ’s iPhone app, Rahul Potghan & scoring of all USF matches by Satish Hanumathu using the app.
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