McGill Cricket names team for Championship !

McGill University has played a remarkable role in sports in USA & Canada. First it was pivotal in the development of (American) football in 1874

Then in 1875 the first hockey game was played, involving mostly McGill students, who also devised the first hockey rules. In a connection to cricket, shortly after hockey goalies began using cricket leg pads.
Bruce Naismith, the inventor of basketball, was a McGill student.
Cricket was also played on campus at McGill in the 1800s, and there was a cricket field in the middle of the campus a hundred years.
Together with student Muhammed Tayab Zafar, I was happy to revive cricket at McGill in 2010, and restart the club which got official status and participated in the 2011 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship, exhibiting an exuberant sportsmanship that was delightful.
With more practice this year, McGill should be a force, even in Group C where 4 of its opponents, Auburn, Ryerson, Houston Cougars & York College are top ranked teams.
McGill Cricket ROSTER :                                           

Cricket field on McGill University campus 1907

Shoaib Ahmed Nasir (Captain) 

Saad Ahmad (Vice Captain) 

Sheikh Saad Yousaf 

Mohit Kulkarni 

Shanil Perera 

Atin Ramola 

Omaid Tanoli 

Mustafa Haris Shaikh 

Malik Waleed Tariq 

Osmar Riar 

Mir Abid Ali 

Ahmad Rashid 

Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC) TV report on McGill Cricket

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