What will Hugo do next ?

 Back in 2009 I met Hugo Scheckter, then President of the George Washington University Cricket Club. Fresh from the success of the first American College Cricket Spring Break Championship at a match in Philadelphia between George Washington U and the University of Pennsylvania. 

We chatted on the sidelines,since Hugo,who has never been mistaken for a great athlete,was not playing.
That Fall, Hugo told me that the GW Cricket Club could not come to the 2010 American College Cricket Championship, because of lack of resources,and other reasons.
My response was a tough one just as I’ve given to many other aspiring student leaders around the USA & Canada, meant to motivate them to help me do what had not been done before – establish a viable collegiate cricket platform.
About a month later Scheckter got back to me, forthrightly said I was right and that he had underestimated the desire of the Club to particpate, and that the GW Cricket Club would be coming to the 2010 national Championship ! He then did the organizing, together with the club founders Curt Sonnet, Ankit Sheth and Aly Sternberg, that ensured GW’s particaption, and the highest national ranking (15th) for any GWU sports club.
Scheckter & many others called it “the best Spring Break ever” and GW returned in 2010 under Shaan Mehta, and is now preparing for the 2011 American College Cricket Spring Break Cahmpionship, led by Avad Nandhra.
Scheckter’s primary sport however is soccer, and he now plays an active role in GW’s Soccer Club where his success has even started rumors of him taking over as Manager of the English Soccer team.
His latest major accomplishment however, is as Club Sports Council President -he successfully lobbied for increased care for club sport athletes,so now 
Club sports athletes can now access the medical consultations varsity athletes use.“Club sports athletes will be able to attend free training sessions every Tuesday from 7-9 p.m. in the Smith Center’s training rooms, with care provided by graduate assistant athletics trainers.” -from the  GW Hatchet.
This is a very significant accomplishment, as universities have the resources to better support students participating at the Club Sport level-if student leadership motivates them.
From his start as President of the GW Cricket Club in 2009, Hugo has been exercising the leadership skills, and can do attitude, that will better his chances of getting a great job, and being successful, after college.
Of course he might simply take over running his father’s Laverstoke beer brewing business in England, a tough job but someone has to do it. 

2009/2010 George Washington University Cricket team

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