UC & CSU Budget cuts- $ 1.3 Billion ! How this affects You !

When the Budget for the state of California was approved last week it included CUTS for the state’s 2 university systems, the University of California (10 campuses) and the California State University (23 campuses) . The two systems were EACH cut by $650 million, roughly a 20 percent cut of operating money from the state.

Schools, meanwhile, are stepping up their efforts to recruit students from other states, using the higher tuition these out of state or international students pay, to help.

How does this affect a possible American College Cricket member or team ? 

1. Schools need you, your tuition $$$, and your academic excellence.

2. They will however have a ready reason to say they cannot afford to fund your sport – cricket.

3. Don’t be put off by that excuse, use # 1 to counter # 2.

4. Remember every school budget includes funds for “student activities” – for a TINY investment in a cricket team our member Colleges are getting a HUGE return on their investment in publicity and student interest, both internationally and domestically. 

5. But Remember practically ALL American College Cricket teams were started WITHOUT school funding so don’t wait for, or depend on school funding. 

According to the New York Times,

” the wealthiest and poorest students fare better, either because they can afford the hefty increases or because they have enough financial aid to cover them. But students from families with incomes in the low six figures often feel the biggest pinch, taking out more loans with each tuition increase.

Each of the campuses is responsible for making its own cuts, which are based on the number of students enrolled. At Fresno State, 57 positions are going unfilled. In Long Beach, the mechanical engineering program may shut down because there are just a couple of professors still teaching. ”

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Shiva Vashishat (UC Davis)cricket, Cameron Sentance (UC Davis) football

The UCLA Bruins and USC Trojans at the first UCLA vs USC Cricket game, Thnksgiving 2010

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