MVP Bhatti gets Rajasthan Royals shirt from BIG League CEO ! plus action photos !

American College Cricket co- MVP Adil Bhatti (Montgomery College) with his Rajasthan Royals shirt present by BIG League CEO Salman Ahmed

Sreyan Chowdhury WOOSTER “talk about epic Spring Breaks !! ”

Vixar Patel NJIT “an awesome week in Florida !”

Vyas Abhishek Cal State Long Beach ” Sir, you are doing fantastic work promoting cricket in America, we need more people Like you.”

Sunny Teli University of Texas -Austin “Mr Jodah, great stuff that you are doing. Really appreciate all the hard work”

BIG League CEO Salman Ahmed flew into Washington DC to present Adil Bhatti with a Rajasthan Royals shirt . Bhatti later said, “It’s beautiful…I can’t believe I have the same shirt as international players like Shane Warne, Rahul Dravid and those guys !”

Photos by Kristen Ashcom.College media & college cricket players are authorised to use photos, others contact American College Cricket.

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