Action ! More Championship Photos !

Baiju Shah, President of Texas Tech Raider Cricket Club said :

We already have been hearing from our college’s Office of Communication and Marketing….they want us to do a photo shoot .They want us to appear in their Viewbook,
which they will use for texas tech’s recruitment for the coming year.

I think your mesage has already reached the college’s ears !

They want to attract more students on the basis of the cricket team in the college – you and ACC is not far away from a major revolution with college cricket !

Your plans are working out – I am so excited about the ACC concept that I am feeling proud to be a part of it, I would love to work for you and promote this game…

Please let me know if you need any sort of help and i and a couple of friends here will do the best we can.
In fact we are so excited that if the FALL CHAMPIONSHIP news is true, we are even ready to extend our graduation,me and a couple of friends are planning to save a course for the Fall just in case if the Fall championship thing works out

This is the influence ACC has on the passionate cricket lovers.

TEXAS TECH Raider Cricket

Photos by Greg Uzelac (Northwestern). College media & college cricket players are authorised to use photos, others contact American College Cricket.

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