New Rankings – Where is your College ?

The Rankings are primarily based on performances at the 2010 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship for the Chanderpaul Trophy,and the 2010 Midwest, Northeast & MidAtlantic regional Championships, as well as the Canadian Universities Championship for the Ramnaresh Sarwan Trophy. Upcoming games are the Southeast Championship (Nov 5,6 & &) and West Coast Championship (Thanksgiving Weekend).

As more colleges join American College Cricket, all teams have a chance to improve their Rankings.The more American College Cricket recognized games you play, and your promotion of the game, the better for your ranking.

National rankings can be used in your discussions with your College Admins about more support for Cricket.

1. North Carolina State (MidAtlantic Champions)
2- Purdue University (Midwest Champions, E Gordon Gee Trophy winners)
3- Rutgers (Northeast Champions)
4- Ohio State
5- University of Maryland (Baltimore County), UMBC
6- York University-Toronto (2010 American College Cricket Champions)
7- Montgomery College – (2009 National Champions)
8- New York University Polytechnic (NYU-Poly)
9- University of Southern California (USC)
10-York College (2010 national finalist)
11-University of South Florida (2009 national finalist)
12-George Mason
14-University of Iowa
15-St Cloud State University
16-Thunderbird School of Global Management (T-Birds)
17-Penn State
18-Virginia Tech
19-Michigan State
20-City College
21-Carnegie Mellon
22-College of Wooster
23-Boston University
24-George Washington University
26-University of Minnesota (UMN)
27-University of Miami (UM)
28-Indiana University
29-McGill University
Queens University

McGill University & Queens University performances at the Canadian Universities Championship were not definitive enough to rank one over the other.

New teams such as the University of Florida, Florida International University,University of Central Florida,University of Tampa will play their first American College Cricket games at the Southeast Championship, after which they will be ranked. Similarly for new teams such as UC Davis at the West Coast Championship.

Other schools such as Texas Tech,Texas A & M, Minnesota State University, Cleveland State University,Vaughn College, Northwestern, Brooklyn College, NJIT have yet to play American College Cricket games. There are also many others where American College Cricket is assisting the formation of cricket clubs.
Contact Lloyd Jodah, for assistance in forming a team, getting uniforms etc and joining American College Cricket.

NCSU Wolfpack with Lloyd Jodah, American College Cricket President

Wolpack Uniforms designed & facilitated by American College Cricket & BIG League USA.


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