Congrats to the Graduates & remembering When we were the new Boys

As some of you, our College Cricketers graduate, the words of this song by Rod Stewart “When we were the New Boys” clearly express what must be going through through your minds, as you part from your friends and fellow cricketers – Listen 

Rod Stewart – When We Were The New Boys @ Yahoo! Video

Graduated 2010

Sudeep Misra     (Thunderbird) MBA
Kalpesh Patel     (UMiami)
Sumantro Das    (BU)
Atishe Chordia (CMU)
Hasan Ali Raza   (UPenn)
Curt Sonnet          (GWU)
Ankit Sheth          (GWU)
Alexander “Ali” Sternberg (GWU)
Amr Hussain      (GWU)
Sadiq Naseer      (MC)
Romel Somavat  (OSU) MA
Mandela Kiran    (BU) MA
Sahil Parekh      (Rutgers)
Suchit Laheri      (MC)
Raghav Bharadwaj  (MC & UMBC)
Sadiq Naseer     (MC & UMBC)
Gurnish Singh    (UMBC)
Chirag Vani       (UMBC)
Santan Saraf    (UMBC)
We wish you well and as pioneers you are always part of the American
College Cricket family.
The Graduate was released in 1967, and won the Best Picture Oscar. It starred Dustin Hoffman,Anne Bancroft & Katherine Ross.