All America 1st Team announced !

Adil Bhatti (MC)

Steve Kalloo, Umpire since 1989 (WICUA/USCUA), has officiated  International games and has spent decades watching Test and First Class cricket. Umpire Kalloo said the fielding at the 2010 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship was “some of the best fielding I have seen… good as Test level “.

Hassan Choghtai’s catch in the VOA News video was one of countless great fielding moments.American College Cricket President Lloyd Jodah,in announcing the All America 1st Team, said :
“I saw icons like Rohan Kanhai and Gary Sobers play and as a boy I woke Alvin Kallicharran in the mornings to bowl to him in the nets. I saw West Indies cricket at its fiery best with Andy Roberts, Michael Holding, Colin Croft, Malcolm Marshall, Joel Garmer etc.
Growing up I witnessed countless other greats like Imran Khan, Sunil Gavaskar, Majid Khan, Zaheer Abbas, Clive Lloyd, Dennis Lillee, Jeff Thomson, the Chappells play.My youngest brother Errol could probably have gone on to play Test cricket, had he not left the West Indies.”
“Point is, I know good cricket when I see it. Our College Cricketers, though parttime players, played some great cricket, and represented the game and their schools well. The youthful athleticism, drive and school spirit, added to talent, made it as exciting as one could wish. “
“Picking the All America Teams was very difficult, and there were many more who could have been included. We feel that the All America 1st Team include only some of the wonderfull student athletes who particpated.”
“Leaders like Hashim Khan (GMU), Sudeep Misra (T-Birds), Maaz Tasneem Khan (CW), Ankush Chandra (BU), Anand Patel (UMBC), Gavish Sharma (UPenn), Kalpesh Patel (UMiami), and Tarun Tiyagi (USC)  did a lot of work to get their Teams to the Championship . Without leadership like theirs, players would not get the opportunity to be at the Championship”
College Cricket All America 1st Team  ( in random order )
Adil Bhatti  (Montgomery) (Captain)
Nalin Chopra  (Rutgers)
Mahjuj Sourav (York University)
Tarun Sandhu  (USC)
Adrian Gordon (NYU-Poly)
Prassana Ravishankar (Auburn)
Itai Njani  (Wooster)
Amr Hassan  (GWU)
Akeem Dodson  (York College)
Roshan Rai (UPenn)
Harsha Boddeppali  (USF)
Romel Somavat (OSU)
Khushroo Wadia (York U)


  1. adil23
    08 Apr 2010, 9:36 pm

    Before i start, I want to thank mr. Lloyd and Nino for their hard work…because we would not be here if it was not for them…allowing us to showcase our talent front of it is on us to spread the word about American College Cricket…I am very honor to be part of the first All America team…At the same time, very excited to lead this bunch of talented players…I want to congratulate everyone on the list…CHEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!

  2. guharoym
    09 Apr 2010, 11:54 am

    how can you leave out such all stars like shivender singh,ahmed naeem . also honorable mention, tauseef rab, nikhil sharma, and niazi

    this list is incomplete without these stalwarts of american college cricket ..!!

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