my 1st spring break – cricket nationals trip highlights
Written Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at 12:16am
by Hugo Scheckter (GWU)
2am Denny’s
winning swimming races
papa kanishk
growing a beard because of sunburn
tracking packages
‘real talk’
sucking on windows
walking through drive thrus’
TSA security
being suspended, re-signed and then fired by ankit and mus
the orange sleeping bag
shirt patches
failed team breakfasts
cheesecake factory
being abused by 12 year olds
sitting on ishaans lap
being abused over colts by strangers
not playing a single second
being the token white president
fake journalists
winning spot the airmarshall
baggage charges
having roomates for the first time in 6 years
constant british accent impressions
grape soda
asked what ‘cricket stick’ we play with
knocking bats in with socks
people thinking we are playing croquet
random advice from old Caribbean dudes
pretending to know what people are talking about with cricket
mcdonalds while waiting for cabs
finding whales at the pool
the broken hand
‘hey mehta, chill out’
muscle spasms
massage tables pitch side
india house
garlic naan
taco bell
grey t shirts
not having a fake id
water bottles after a wicket

… the list goes on – basically – THE BEST SPRING BREAK EVER WITH THE CRICKET TEAM! :)

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