Rules for members of American College Cricket*

1. Our member clubs only participate in American College Cricket events and may not join other leagues, tournaments etc. (unless grandfathered from before 2009). In the USA college teams compete against other college teams, NOT non-collegiate teams.

Playing in events not approved by American College Cricket will cause penalties, such as loss of your American College Cricket membership, & NOT being invited to participate in American College Cricket events – Nationals, Regionals & Home & Away games.

2. Share posts from the American College Cricket Facebook page on *Facebook ,Google + & Twitter* (every team member can do this easily)

3.Club commits to having a Hardball team to qualify for eligibility in the annual American College Cricket Championship every March, the regional Championship in the Fall, and ‘Home & Away’ matches.

4. NO unauthorized logos on uniforms (including practice wear). Uniforms must be made & purchased through the authorized vendor for American College Cricket.

5. American College Cricket President must be informed of any Team sponsors, to avoid conflict etc. Exceptionally American College Cricket reserves the right to deny a sponsor. NO sponsors logos are allowed on Teams’ uniforms, except potentially for a Presenting sponsor of American College Cricket  on TV (such as Coca Cola or Dream11).

6. encourage the development of cricket by taking steps for bringing new people into the game (e.g Americans who have never played) using more accessible forms of the game like tapeball and tennis ball.

7. get positive Media, on & off campus for your club & American College Cricket.

8. work with the relevant Admin of your school to get facilities and support for cricket.

9. No individual, or team is bigger than our Mission, and the organization we have created to further that Mission. Negative behavior, on or off the field including Social Media, that reflects negatively on your school and/or American College Cricket is subject to disciplinary action, including suspension or being expelled from American College Cricket.

10. Report – Being a member of American College Cricket means clubs can not just show up for tournaments, you must be involved with what we do year round – a Report must be submitted to the President of American College Cricket on your activities as requested.

11. ROSTERS – must be verified & emailed to the American College Cricket President by a College Official such as your Faculty Advisor, Director of Club Sports, Asst Registrar etc. NO questioning of any team’s players or Rosters should take place during the competition – such unsportsmanlike conduct, & disregard for ethics may result in you, or your team being penalized, including forfeiture of the game & even suspension.

12 – Reduction of Match overs & calculation of Duckworth-Lewis : can ONLY be approved by Lloyd or other designated tournament manager & done using Cric Clubs.

13 – SCORING : all matches must be scored on Cric Clubs. A team can not play another game if its previous game is not on Crichq.

14 – PLAYING Rules – we generally follow the International Cricket Council rules for T20, except where noted here, & by tournament : WIDES – balls within about 6 inches of the leg stump will NOT be called as wides & a maximum of 6 fielders can be on any 1 side of the field.

15 – HELMETS – are mandatory against all bowlers. Also for close fielders such as Wicket keepers standing up to the stumps.

16 – The UMPIRES decisions are final. There are NO reviews or 3rd umpires.

17- Use of Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to insult, abuse or disparage players, teams, umpires or American College Cricket will result in penalties to the offending player and his club,and could include suspension or even expulsion from American College Cricket.

All Clubs, as official clubs of your school, have rules of conduct for your club which you must abide by (read your Club Sports rules)

Every club member should “Like” the Facebook Fanpage so you can keep up on what we are accomplishing. Also the larger our group is, the bigger we look to potential sponsors and the world, which in turn helps every club . Encourage people to “Like” us on Facebook.

Tournament Rules for the National & Regional Championships :

1 – Each 20 overs must be bowled in 75 mins – if not completed, bowling team will bat number of overs bowled in 75 minutes as determined by umpires, but must finish bowling 20 overs to team batting first.
– team bowling 2nd will be penalized 5 runs for every over past 75 mins.
2 – New Batsman must be at the wicket (striker or non-striker end) & be ready for next delivery in 90 seconds – or batsman will be timed OUT. Next batsman up must have helmet & gloves on, waiting.
3 – Delay of game may be called by Umpires, or off-field Manager. Penalties : delays by fielding team = a Free Hit for each incident. Delays by the batsmen = a Dot ball will be assigned.
4 – Time out for injury will not cause penalties
5 – Water : to be taken at fall of wicket, lost ball ONLY & at 10 overs otherwise. Person bringing water must at least jog onto field.

6 – As usual for American College Cricket :
1- Balls deemed playable, just outside leg (about 6 inches) will NOT be called wide.
2 – Maximum of 6 fielders on one side of the field.

3- We do not change sides after each over, 10 overs are bowled consecutively from each end, or half if shortened game.
Standard ICC T20 rules apply otherwise.

7 – NO unauthorized logos on helmets, uniforms etc
8 – HELMETS must be worn by ALL bowlers batsmen against ALL bowlers; the Wicket keeper standing up, or any close fielder
10 – Penalties may be applied for physical threats/actions and “over the line sledging” – these are judgement calls by the Umpires.
Arguing with, or demonstrating against the Umpire is cause for ejection.

11 – Advancing to the next round is based on Wins, then Net Run Rate unless otherwise specified for a tournament.
12 – Scoring must be done with the Cric Club app,utilizing the official Fixtures available for iPhones & Android phones. Whilst the game is LIVE, fans can follow online all over the world.Teams must have at least 3 people prepared to score before getting to the field.
13 – ROSTERS – Teams may include Undergrads, Masters & PhD students. A maximum of 2 alumni may be in the playing XI (where school rules permit). All players must be verified, by email, by the appropriate College Official.
NO player, team or any one travelling with the team may question Rosters at the field or Championship. Doing so may result in the offending player NOT being allowed to play further.Come to play,not to be disruptive. Other penalties may apply to the team.
14 – SHIRTS must be tucked in your pants, & RE-tucked in when it comes out, for ALL matches. Players with shirts not tucked in will cause their team to be penalized. If, from the fielding team penalty will be loss of a delivery. If a batsman, penalty will be a dot ball. Additionally we do not take, or post pics where a player’s shirt is out.
15 – NO white Pads, NO white under armour (skins).
16 – FORMAT – Each team will play  matches in the Group stage starting at 8.30 am. A

TIED Game = Super Over

UMPIRES – Umpires decision is final in all matches.
REDUCTION of overs : if the umpires suggest a Reduction of Overs for a match, this must be communicated by the teams’ Captains to American College Cricket Lloyd or the Field Manager for consideration.Only if approved by Lloyd or the Field Manager can overs be reduced.

CONDUCT – every club is an official representative of its college, and must abide by their Club Sports rules regarding behavior. Additionally as a member of American College Cricket every club must act appropriately .

NO SMOKING – at cricket fields by any member of the touring squad, NOR anywhere whilst in uniform.

*We have kept the formalities to a minimum, to make it easy for all concerned. We expect that situations will arise that will make it necessary to add to, or change the above, and accordingly reserve the right to make changes, and to apply rules in the “Spirit of cricket”,