Home & Away Champions, Top Teams & Players 2013 to 2017 !

Vik Jayaram (Harvard) one of 2 players to score over 1,000 runs & take 50 wickets !

Vik Jayaram (Harvard) one of 2 players to score over 1,000 runs & take 50 wickets !

The Home & Away season was begun in 2013. among the goals was to to give our teams more playing opportunities, and to better prepare them for Regionals & Nationals, whilst at the same time creating a season similar to College Football, College Basketball etc.

Another purpose was to motivate our clubs to get playing space on campus to host teams, a movement that Ibrahim Khan at Harvard enthusiastically led, by getting to play at Harvard’s hockey field, under LIGHTS. This caused our other clubs in the North East to follow, Northeastern, Boston U, MIT, Princeton, UMass Lowell, Dartmouth and Penn in Pennsylvania started playing on campus, often under lights, on Hockey, Lacrosse, soccer & football fields.

The North East teams have led the way, and continue to dominate the Home & Away season, though one would expect with their year round cricket weather teams in the South East, South West & West Coast would be the leaders.

As American College Cricket President Lloyd Jodah explains, “The game had to be more visible so in 2009 I took a cricket ball, went to a nearby college football Stadium & tried the bounce on the artificial turf, & confirmed it was fine for cricket. The next step was convincing cricketers to think out of the box, & play on this surface without actually seeing a pitch ! It took a while then the Home & Away season was introduced to motivate the effort. Since then we’ve been playing matches on campus on many shared fields in at least 20 colleges.”

“We’re shifting the focus more & more to Home & Away matches, with teams having to play them as Qualifiers to play Regionals, which starting with 2017 are now smaller. Of course allowance is made for colleges which are not near to other American College Cricket members.”

Below are the Champions & other Top teams, starting in 2013. The Points system has rewarded teams for playing Away matches & quantity of games played, to motivate giving more players opportunity to play. Starting in 2017 clubs were also allowed to have a 1st & 2nd Teams playing Home & Away matches.

The Home & Away season has helped:
– Manik Kuchroo (Harvard & Yale) be our All Time Top scorer with over 1,800 runs.
– Vik Jayaram (Harvard) have the most Centuries, 4 with 2 in back to back games.
– Four of our batsmen passed 1,200 runs, 3 of them due to Home & Away – Kuchroo, Jayaram & Maeez Veqar (Drexel). The 4th is Sai Ramesh.
– 2 bowlers have taken over 50 wickets : Jehangir Majid (MIT) & Vik Jayaram (Harvard)
– Noriss Guscott (Harvard) is our Top Wicket keeper All time, with 51 Catches/Stumpings/Runouts.

The Numbers below show Wins & Losses, with a rare Tied and the Champions for each year. Northeastern has been in the Top 5 each year. The 2017 Home & Away Champion is MIT Engineers !

2013 – Harvard 6,6 CHAMPION
Boston U 5,2
Northeastern 4,2
Princeton 4,3
Drexel 3,1

2014 – MIT 13 ,7 CHAMPION
Harvard 13, 3
BU 6, 7
Northeastern 4, 5
Yale 3, 6

UMass L 9,6
Harvard 6,2,1
Yale 3,3,1
Northeastern 2,12

2016 – UMass Lowell 8,11 CHAMPION
Northeastern 6,5
MIT 6,3
NJIT 4,0
Everest 3,2

2017 MIT 12,4 CHAMPION
UMass 5,2
Northeastern 3,8
Yale 4,0
Texas A & M 3,1

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