USF Bulls Wins 5 SE Championships in a Row ! Video Streams !

South East Presentation

South East Presentation

Before Nov 2013 University of South florida (USF Bulls), starting in March 2009, would get to the Semis or Finals of our Regional & National Championship and no further ! It took them until their 9th tournament, the 2013 South East, that Sai Ramesh led them to winning a Final ! Now they’ve won their 5th SE Championship in a row, and 2 National titles in that time! Sai Ramesh was the Captain for those 2 National titles, and also one of our best Batsmen, all rounders.

But there have been others like Abdullah Sheik, Vignesh Rg, Naseer Khan,Krunal Bhange. Some, like Nagesh Nayak & Nirav Shah played many times, others blazed brilliantly like comets, for a tournament or 2 before graduating !

USF came into this SE C’ship with a lot of new players with Everest being a threat after reaching the Finals of 2017 Nationals. UF Gators in recent years have lost close games even as they looked good whilst Florida Tech was getting practice on campus which boosted their confidence.

Auburn, making their 14 hour journey each way from home lacks facilities on campus, and are not allowed to play off campus except for American College Cricket tournaments so they are caught in a bind of no match practice but can be counted on to play hard ,and won the SEC in 2010, reached Nationals final four in 2011 & Nationals finals in 2014 (on ESPN).
CRIC CLUBS provided Scoring as well as Live Streaming at a modest level and it was well received from a 1st time effort, with lots of opportunities for the future.
Final – USF Bulls vs USF Rangers

USF bulls vs Florida Tech Panthers

UF Gators vs USF Bulls

Florida Tech Panthers vs Everest Rangers

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