Anja Catrine – Cricketkjendisar !

AnjaThis September it’ll be 3 years that Anja has been involved with American College Cricket – time flies !

Anja Catrine started with the 2014 Ivy League & North East Championships and continued through 3 National Championships & many Regional tournaments, plus our 1st USA vs Canada Series. Thousands have seen her Interviews: many of which individually have over 5,000 views with a few passing 13,000 ! Her ability to put the players at ease, many nervous at their first interviews, and the interest she shows in what they are saying have made her very popular with our players. Anja has also done many of our Trophies’ Presentations, as can be seen on our Facebook page.

Lesser known is:
– Anja is our # 2 Photographer (after Lloyd). In fact at the 1st USA vs Canada Series she did all the photos as she did at on Finals Day at the 2015 West Coast Championship ! At many other Championships, her photos are intermingled with those taken by Lloyd (& Amir).
– the ACC USA team uniform was designed by Anja (with Lloyd) and will be used for the 5th Series later this month.
– the American College Cricket Instagram account was begun with Anja’s assistance.

Twice we received major coverage in the top European Award winning media (from Norway) due to Anja.

The IPL has brought many American marketing ideas to cricket, but cricket & cricketers are still mostly way behind in the marketing of the game. Cricket can not be only for cricketers. We had interviewers starting in 2010 who did very well but Anja has done a lot more.

In addition to helping us, Anja is very active creatively: running her own Instagram account for a long time and writing, even as she studies Marketing. An excellent writer, her latest writing venture is a Blog, full of her creative photos,which you can follow on her Facebook page. Her posts range from every day stuff to thought-provoking to fashion. Her Blog has a “Translate” option in the upper right.

Just as she supports American College Cricket’s Mission, we support hers. Check these out & Like:


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