SONY to be American College Cricket’s Exclusive Broadcast Partner from 2016 !

sony-entertainment-tv-hdMedia Release: Sony Entertainment Television Asia (SET Asia) has acquired Exclusive Media Rights for American College Cricket, and will be the Official Broadcast Partner beginning the season of 2016. SET Asia will broadcast major match-ups including regional and national semi-final and final matches.

Founder & President of American College Cricket Lloyd Jodah said, “It’s the right time, and Sony is the ideal Broadcast Partner for American College Cricket to go back on TV. Since March 2009 we’ve been setting the bar for cricket in America, and Sony’s experience in broadcasting major tournaments will ensure we take cricket in the USA to the next level. America & Canada will get to see the young talent representing well-known universities, which in addition to their educational reputations, are major brands in sports such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer and more. American College Cricket has created a new platform which, together with SET Asia will raise the stature of the game in North America significantly higher.”

Across the US and Canada, there is a growing number of students who are ardent cricket fans. Many play at a local or regional level. ACC & SET Asia will provide opportunities for them to play the sport at a competitive, national level. With an ever-increasing interest in the game and growth in available resources, cricket in North America is now poised to exponentially expand its player and viewership base.

Talking about the role of SET Asia, Jaideep Janakiram, SVP International Business-Head of the Americas said, “SET Asia is developing relevant, localized content to cater to the preferences of youth in the United States. We believe cricket, played locally, will be a driver for success. We are excited about the partnership with ACC, not just broadcast rights but also the key role we play in amplifying the game in North America.”

American College Cricket has been the leading brand in cricket in the United States. It has received national, regional and local press coverage for its efforts including the first web stream, and broadcast on ESPN in USA. It laid the groundwork for making cricket “the fastest growing sport in US colleges”. Thanks to ACC’s efforts, colleges are recognizing the popularity of the game. Many colleges now have cricket fields on campus (often multi-use) and students in other countries, particularly India have been researching American universities with strong cricket programs.

About Sony Entertainment Television Asia:
Since its launch on the Indian subcontinent in 1995, Sony Entertainment Television (SET) has enjoyed rapid success, leading to the establishment of European, North American and African feeds known as SET Asia. SET and SET Asia are now available in over 100 countries. Their channels offer viewers a distinctive blend of entertainment programs 24 hours a day, including soap operas, dramas, sitcoms, concerts, movies, and game shows. Besides SET Asia, Sony Pictures Networks include four other leading channels as part of its bouquet: MAX, India’s #1 channel for premier movies and special events, SAB, the only dedicated comedy channel, MIX, the Hindi film music channel, and Aath, the only dedicated Bengali movie channel.

About American College Cricket:
Founded late 2008 by Lloyd Jodah, American College Cricket has developed the sport in Universities and now has more than 70 member colleges across USA & Canada. It conducts 6 Regional plus the Ivy League Championships in the Fall which lead to the National Championship in March in Florida. Home & Away league matches are also played year round. ACC clubs are encouraged to promote the game on social media, internal tournaments & other activities. ACC has motivated infrastructure development and now about 20 colleges provide cricket fields on campus, and nearly all ACC colleges have practice facilities and support from school administrations.