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2015 American College Cricket Dream11 Championship

2015 American College Cricket Dream11 Championship

The Mid West Championship was the first American College Cricket Regional back in Sept 2010. The Finals was played on the Ohio State campus, and attended by then Ohio State University President Dr E. Gordon Gee. Dr Gee presented the winner’s Trophy bearing his name to the OSU Cricket Club, and also joined the American College Cricket Advisory Board.

American College Cricket member clubs may begin registering for the ACC Dream11 Mid West (Sept 17 & 18), Ivy League (Sept 24 or 25) & North East Championships (Oct 8 & 9 ). There is a slight chance that the Mid West & Ivy League may be shifted back 1 week, to allow more time for the TV Production to be set up.

The Deadline to Register for the Mid West is : Aug 22.This year the Mid West Championship will be in either Detroit or Columbus. The North East will be in the Boston area & the Ivy League is to be decided.

American College Cricket clubs may register by emailing ACC Founder & President Lloyd Jodah. Email : All teams must do the ACC Dream11 Hit The Wicket Challenge .

American College Cricket member clubs only play in American College Cricket events, and participating in our events is agreement by each player to our rules, and consent to be photographed and filmed for use in media.

All matches are 20/20 and must finish in 3 hours.
Below are some of the playing rules & conditions for all of our tournaments. In addition all players are expected to follow the usual standards of sportsmanship, and cricket, and most importantly the rules of your college’s Club Sports. This List is not exhaustive, but just a reminder of some main points.

1 – All players must “Like” the American College Cricket page on Facebook & SHARE our news & articles, to help grow the game :   and if you are on Twitter,
& Instagram, follow us:
1 – Each 20 overs must be bowled in 75 mins – if not completed, bowling team will bat number of overs bowled in 75 minutes as determined by umpires, but must finish bowling 20 overs to team batting first.
– team bowling 2nd will be penalized 8 runs for every over past 75 mins.

2 – As usual for American College Cricket :
1- Balls deemed playable, just outside leg (about 6 inches or less) will NOT be called wide.
2 – Maximum of 6 fielders on any one side of the field.
Standard ICC T20 rules apply otherwise.

3 – ROSTERS : Teams may include Undergrads, Masters & PhD students. A maximum of 2 alumni may be in the playing XI (where school rules permit). All players must be verified, by email, by the appropriate College Official.
NO player, team or any one travelling with the team may question Rosters at the field or Championship. Doing so may result in the offending player NOT being allowed to play further.Come to play,not to look for excuses for losing, or to be disruptive. Other penalties may apply to the team.

4 – New Batsman must be at the wicket (striker or non-striker end) & be ready for next delivery in 90 seconds – or batsman will be timed OUT. Next batsman up must have helmet & gloves on, waiting. 2 batsmen must be padded up waiting.

5 – Delay of game may be called by Umpires,or off-field Manager. Penalties : delays by fielding team = a Free Hit for each incident. Delays by the batsmen = a Dot ball will be assigned. Time out for injury will not cause penalties.

6 – Water : to be taken at fall of wicket, lost ball ONLY. Person bringing water must at least jog (not walk) onto field.
7 – NO unauthorized logos on helmets, uniforms etc . Lloyd (ACC President) must be informed of all potential sponsors, for approval.

8 – HELMETS must be worn by ALL batsmen against ALL bowlers; the Wicket keeper standing up, or any close fielder
(YELLOW or RED Cards) may be applied for physical threats/actions and “over the line sledging” – these are judgement calls by the Umpires. Arguing with, or demonstrating against the Umpire is cause for ejection.

10 – Advancing to the next round is based on Points.

11 – Scoring must be done with the CRICHQ app.,utilizing the official Fixtures created by American College Cricket on Crichq. Whilst the game is LIVE, fans can follow online all over the world.Teams must have at least 3 people prepared to score before getting to the field.

12 – SHIRTS must be tucked in your pants, & RE-tucked in when it comes out, for ALL matches. Players with shirts not tucked in will cause their team to be penalized. If, from the fielding team penalty will be loss of a delivery. If a batsman, penalty will be a dot ball. Additionally we do not take, or post pics where a player’s shirt is out.

13 – NO white Pads, NO white under shirt (skins).

14 – FORMAT – Each team will play 2 matches in the Group stage starting at 8.30 am on Saturday. Advancing will be based on POINTS. The Semis and Finals will played on Sunday starting at 6 am.
In the event of a tie on Points, wins will be the tie-breaker, then head to head,if no head to head Net Run Rate.

15 – Teams may play in 2 Regionals if they wish

16 – POINTS :
Win = 7 pts
Run rate of 7.5 = 1 bonus pt
Run rate of 10 = 1 bonus pt (additional)
Losing all wickets results in a forfeiture of all Bonus pts.
Bowling a Team out = 1 bonus pt.
Loss = 1 pt
BONUS POINT – A team having more than 5 members regularly SHARING ACC news, videos, photos etc may earn 1 Bonus Point before the Championship, which can help them advance.
Why ? Because it is extremely important that we build a fan base for ACC & the game. We cannot progress without a fan base and those teams that understand this, and do their part are more valuable to the our Mission, and deserve to be rewarded.

After your Regionals is over, at least 3 members must continue sharing to qualify for Nationals.
A sport can not survive without an audience, supporters & sponsors.

TIED Game = Super Over

UMPIRES – Umpires’ decision is final in all matches, even if we are filming.

REDUCTION of overs : if the umpires suggest a Reduction of Overs for a match, this must be communicated by the teams’ Captains to American College Cricket President Lloyd or the Field Manager for consideration.Only if approved by Lloyd or the Field Manager can overs be reduced.
CONDUCT – every club is an official representative of its college, and must abide by their Club Sports rules regarding behavior. Additionally as a member of American College Cricket every club must act appropriately .
NO SMOKING – at cricket fields by any member of the touring squad, NOR anywhere whilst in uniform. Its an athletic event.

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