2016 Club Presidents of the Year !

We changed from a calender year selection of our Club Presidents of the Year, from a calender year to the end of the school year, matching the term of office of the Club Presidents.Thus some of our selections were for work done last year.
Our Club Presidents hold the most important positions we have, without their work, aided by the others on the eBoards, our teams would not set foot on a field.The range of skils, and duties required of the Club Presidents great prepares them for life after college. They are Leaders, building valuable leadership and can-do skills as our Club Presidents.
All of our Club Presidents do good work, but only the clubs that make it to Nationals are eligible for this Award.

Once again, Florida Institute of Technology’s President is our Champion Facebook Sharer, following in the footsteps of his predesessors Sagar REddy & Uday Bhaskar Pasupuletti.

FIVE of these Club Presidents oversaw their colleges getting oncampus cricket fields ! What better legacy to leave when you graduate ?

Everest U Club Pres Andy Sudan, with Anja

Everest U Club Pres Andy Sudan, with Anja

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