CPL games & party thrill fans in Florida !

CPL CEO Damien O'Donohoe

CPL CEO Damien O’Donohoe

The Caribbean Premier League (CPL)’s venture into the USA market was an unquestionable success. We don’t know the numbers on profitability but from the looks of the event, the crowds, atmosphere, entertainment and party feel it was a wonderful event.
The Stadium management handled the event well, and a great time seemed to be had by all. CBRP Manager Duncan Finch was a happy man, seeing the years of struggle for the Stadium’s survival come to fruition. As was American College Cricket President Lloyd Jodah who had supported the Stadium from Jan 2009 when no cricket people were even using the side fields. For a time the Stadium was called a “white elephant” but American College Cricket remained steadfast in its support, bringing as much as 30 colleges each from across USA & Canada, to the Stadium.

In 2010 & 2011 American College Cricket did worldwide webstreams from the Stadium, then TV from 2012, and ESPN in 2014 helping to keep the Stadium’s profile up, until now !
Lloyd met with CPL CEO Damien O’donohoe & CPL COO Pete Russeel, during which Damien said he liked the American College Cricket Dream11 All Stars shirt & asked Lloyd for one.

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