‘Don Bradman Week’ launches American College Cricket Season-Register for Ivy, MW & NE Regionals!

Parade Ground,Van Cortland Park,Bronx, NYC

Parade Ground,Van Cortland Park,Bronx, NYC

American College Cricket Founder & President Lloyd Jodah :

“I read Sir Donald Bradman’s autobiography when I was 10, and another book about him. I then also read the autobiography of the great fast bowler Ray Lindwall, who played under Bradman in the 1948 ‘Invincibles’.

From that time I’ve retained all of the Don’s stats and a boundless appreciation for his accomplishments as a batsman, and athlete. In fact, though people in the cricket world have not thought of cricketers as athletes, at its top levels cricket requires a wide range, and a high degree of athleticism.

I’ve said for some time that,statistically Bradman is the greatest athlete of all time, based on how his career batting average of 99.94 exceeds, by 164 % the # 2 batsman. In no other sport has any athlete so dominated others in their game, in their or any other time.

Aug 25th 1948 Bradman scored 150 in his last game at Lords,and August 27th is his birthday, so I like to think of it as “Don Bradman Week”. With my sister’s birthday on August 31 that’s a lot of reasons to celebrate; a worthy way to begin the American College Cricket Fall season,with Home & Away matches this weekend ,Yale vs Cornell to be followed by more Home & Away matches, and our Regional Championships all over the country.”

The Dates for Regionals were announced over 1 month ago, now American College Cricket member clubs may begin registering for the Mid West, Ivy League and North East Championships.

Clubs should also be playing Home & Away matches. Currently MIT is leading the Home & Away Standings, and the Home & Away Champion will be determined at Christmas Break. To qualify for the Regionals teams must play Home & Away matches,and promote American College Cricket on Facebook, Twitter and other media.

For the American College Cricket Ivy League Championship for the Colin M. Jodah Trophy, the Semis & Finals will be played on Saturday Sept 20, at the Philadelphia Cricket Club. This means the preliminary rounds will be played on the prior Sunday Sept 13 on 2 fields to be confirmed.

The Mid West Championship, will take place in Columbus, Ohio on Sept 27 & 28, on fields in and near Ohio State University.Colleges will compete for the Gordon Gee Trophy.

The North East Championship for the Deryck Aaron Jodah Trophy will be held at Parade Ground,Van Cortland Park in the Bronx on 4 of the 10 fields next to each other, thanks to Lesly Lowe. Thus all the players of the 12 participating teams will be playing next to each other. It will present a panorama of over 150 college players wearing their college colors in historic Van Cortland Park’s Parade Ground.

The land that is now Van Cortland Park was bought by Johanus Van Cortland from John Barrett in 1691 and the Van Cortland House that still sits on the land was built in 1748 (its now Museum). both Revolutionary and British Troops camped here at different times, and Rochambeau, Lafayette and George Washington stayed here during the Revolutionary War.

To register for the Ivy League, Mid West or North East Championship, our member clubs must email Lloyd Dogevpr2@aim.com.

Other member clubs should be playing Home & Away matches – the Home & Away Champion will be based on Points, and decided by Christmas Break.

If you’d like to start a club in your college, contact Lloyd.

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