Ivy League & Regional Championships Dates announced !

John Bart King Award winner Danny Yetman bowling for Harvard vs Penn at the historic & beautiful Philadelphia Cricket Club

John Bart King Award winner Danny Yetman bowling for Harvard vs Penn at the historic & beautiful Philadelphia Cricket Club

American College Cricket began Regional Championships in its 2nd year 2010, and since then every Fall has been Regional Championships’ season all over the USA, with over 200 matches being played.

This Fall there will be even more college cricket as clubs will be competing in the Regional Championships as well as the American College Cricket Home & Away season (last year’s champion was Harvard). All college teams are expected to play Home & Away matches before playing in their Regional Championship, and their players are expected to promote on Facebook, Twitter & other social media, for bonus points & rankings.

Each year the North East Championship has traditionally been the largest Regional with 12 teams and this year there are more than 12 colleges in the North East conference. The rapidly growing South West conference will likely have 12 teams competing too. Only the top 12 teams in each area’s Home & Away points standings will compete in the Regionals.

The following is the tentative schedule of Dates, subject to change based on weather, exams, fields’ availability etc

Ivy League –  Sept 20 & 21 for the Colin Michael Jodah Trophy
Mid West – Sept 27 & 28 Gordon Gee Trophy
North East – Oct 4 & 5 Deryck Aaron Jodah Trophy, in NYC
South Central – Oct 11 & 12
Mid Atlantic – Oct 18 & 19 at the British Officers Cricket Club, PA
South East – Nov 1 & 2 CBRP, FL
West Coast –  Nov 8 & 9
South West – Nov 15 & 16 Texas

University of Pennsylvania Quakers will be defending 2 titles, Ivy League & Mid Atlantic; other defending Regional Champions are: Iowa State University Cyclones – Mid West, Ryerson University Rams – North East, University of South Florida Bulls – South East and University of Texas Arlington – South West.

The Ivy League Championship is played for the Colin Michael Jodah Trophy, Colin was an important part of American College Cricket until he died in January 2013. The North East is played for the Deryck Aaron Jodah Trophy . Both Colin and Deryck were brothers of Lloyd, American College Cricket Founder & President.

The Mid West Championship is played for the Gordon Gee Trophy, who as President of Ohio State University attended the first Mid West Regional, Dr Gee is now President of West Virginia Universty (our # 4 ranked team).

In 2013 the University of Texas Arlington club led by Umer Syed, hosted the South West Regional, whilst Iowa State, led by Sannel Patel hosted the Mid West Regionals. Any club wishing to host, please submit your proposal to Lloyd.

To play in a Regional and the Home & Away League your college must be a member of American College Cricket. Contact Lloyd Jodah Dogevpr2@aim.com to be become a member, or to start a club in your college.

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