Hayat Khan wins Boston University’s ‘Team Advancement Award’ !

Hayat Khan,winner of Boston University's  "Team Advancement Award, American College Cricket Player of the Year & Rohan Kanhai Award.

Hayat Khan,winner of Boston University’s “Team Advancement Award, American College Cricket Player of the Year & Rohan Kanhai Award.

Graduation time is one of those truly epic moments in our lives. . Its usually bittersweet, because of what we’re leaving behind, and the future, exciting and unknown. Some of us leave college with a degree, some of us leave it with much more – So it is for former Boston University Cricket Club President Hayat Khan. Hayat will take with him the experience he gained running the BU Cricket Club and the management skills he exercised. He will leave behind a legacy !

Hayat will be leaving a remarkable legacy at Boston University. From the moment he was elected Club President he contacted Lloyd Jodah, American College Cricket President, and discussed some of his ideas, including a desire to get a Credit Course in cricket at BU. Hayat worked to bring this to fruition and in Spring 2012 a Credit Course for Cricket was introduced at BU,with Hayat as the Lecturer, based on a sylabus provided by Lloyd.The increased profile led to a major article in the Boston Globe, and soon the club secured access to its own “Home” field, which allowed it to host teams & play night games !

On a personal level Hayat topped the 2013 Home & Away bowling standings, and together with his batting was high amongst the MVP candidates. At the end of the year he was named an American College Cricket Player of the Year, and the sole winner of the Rohan Kanhai Award amongst those selected.

No surprise then he won the ‘Team Advancement Award’ out of over 900 club athletes at Boston University.

Great as Hayat’s contributions to the game,his club and American College Cricket have been, the BU club has each year smoothly transitioned to new Executives who have built upon the tradition established in 2009 when BU CC became one of the founding members of American College Cricket. This year is no exception with new President Monideep Chakraborti carrying the baton.

As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadal said, “I think playing cricket taught me more about working in teams and leadership that has stayed with me throughout my career,”

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