Hassan Mirza (Ryerson)- Coming in from the Cold ! Player to Watch at Nationals!

Hassan Mirza (modeling the shades) & Farhan Khan of Ryerson University

Hassan Mirza (modeling the shades) & Farhan Khan of Ryerson University

Hassan Mirza has been one of our top wicket takers since he took the initiative to start the Ryerson cricket club,and began playing American College Cricket in 2011. He led Ryerson in their first games on TV, in 2 North East Championship wins, for the Deryck Jodah Trophy. They also made the Quarter Finals in both American College Cricket National Championships they competed in.
The October 2011 American College Cricket matches were the first ever domestic cricket shown on TV in the USA & Canada. What was it like being part of setting that record ?
‘It was amazing, and totally unexpected to play on TV ! Only Tests, IPL, the World Cup and other top International cricket got that privilege, so American College Cricket and TV Asia created a dream experience for young cricketers ! It’s also the best way to spread awareness in US and Canada.’
Q – You’ve taken wickets (13 in 2013) & kept it tight, bowling off spin – what do you attribute your success to ?
Well, as a spinner it’s flight variation and change of pace. In T20 cricket, you have to bowl with a big heart, you may get hit for a few runs but the best way to keep the opposition under control is by taking wickets and keep attacking. Credit to other Ryerson bowlers who have have done exceptionally well at the other end, enabling my success.’
Ryerson, like York University and other Toronto universities are heavily ‘commuter schools’, with many of the students coming from nearby areas. The result is many of the Ryerson players work, and go to college. Hassan is studying Business Management whilst working, and making time to play cricket, whilst developing the Ryerson Cricket Club !
Q – What do you think of the statement by Satya Nadella, the new Microsoft CEO, who said, ‘I think playing cricket taught me more about working in teams and leadership that has stayed with me throughout my career,’?  Hassan :
‘I totally agree with him, it certainly has helped me in my professional life  working for Bell Canada.’
Hassan, 5′ 8′ & 156 lbs, showed that leadership when he, with American College Cricket President Lloyd Jodah began the Ryerson Rams cricket club in 2011. Like many other young Canadian cricketers he was inspired by York University winning the Chanderpaul Trophy in March 2010, and their subsequent media coverage in the Globe & Mail, and York University media. ‘I would like to thank American College Cricket which helped us getting recognition in school.’ he said.
Q – Tell us a bit about your cricket background. When did you start playing, where did you learn ?
I grew up playing in my  backyard with my elder brothers and friends , played under 15 in Multan, Pakistan then came to Canada, didn’t stop and played under 19 here. I consider myself lucky that I met some friends here when I first moved  and they  shared the same passion for cricket  as me and we pretty much kept each other going.
Q – How excited are you about the upcoming National Championship ? Though you’ll be without Canadian Men’s player Nikhil Dutta (currently playing in the Under 19 World Cup) and pacer Harsh Desai what are you and the team doing to prepare for the Nationals.
I am extremely excited ! As a team we have been working really hard , lost two times in quarter finals  but this time I am confident  that we  can take the trophy to Canada:) . Everyone is contributing one way or the other specially Farhan Khan, Aneel Rizwan and Numan Aslam  who not only possess some serious cricketing talent but also have been running practices and planning the trip. They make my life easy which allows me as a captain to work on strategy.
Q – Who are your favorite cricketers ?  ‘Inzaman Ul Haq, Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar & Ricky Ponting. Of newer players, I really like seeing Virat Kohli.’
Q – What else do you enjoy doing besides cricket ?

I enjoy playing badminton as well as spending time with family and friends.
Q –  Are you excited that cricket now has a place, though small, in the College sports scene in the USA ?
I am extremely excited and sometimes it really amazes me how far cricket has come in the College scene only with the effort of one Individual ” Mr.Jodah” !
I have no doubt if we all share the same passion within a few years it would get really big.
Hassan’s favorite movie is ‘Gladiator’ (which stars Gerard Butler, a co-owner of Jamaica Tallawahs in the CPL). Opposing teams will once again see his Gladiator-like spirit at the 2014 American College Cricket national Championship – a gladiator to watch !
The American College Cricket National Championship is March 12 -16. The Semis & Finals will be televised by TV Asia on all major cable systems, including Bell & Rogers, in the USA & Canada, and on Dish Network.
The Ryerson University team which, in Oct 2011 played in the first domestic cricket games EVER on TV in the USA & Canada

The Ryerson University team which, in Oct 2011 played in the first domestic cricket games EVER on TV in the USA & Canada

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