Divya Patel (Arkansas State) – a Player to Watch at the Nationals !

Divya Patel (ASU Red Wolves) being interviewed by TV Asia

Divya Patel (ASU Red Wolves) being interviewed by TV Asia

Arkansas State University’s Divya Patel burst onto the American College Cricket stage in 2012, earning recognition as a College Player of the Year, and Club President of the Year ! With American College Cricket help, he started a club at ASU and within months made it to the National Championship in Florida ! Let’s have Divya tell it himself,

“I felt really honored  with such recognition. But I was not the only one, there were quite a few people behind me to develop this club and help me with this my process. First of all thank you to Lloyd Jodah for developing College Cricket in USA, which encouraged me to even start a club at Arkansas State.

Cricket has been my passion since I started playing at age 7. I then played once or twice with hard ball in India. I really developed my game when I came to USA in 2005 and started playing under leadership of my cousins Junior Das & Dan Das for Jonesboro Cricket Club, which plays in Arkansas Tennessee Cricket League.
When I graduated from high school and started college, my dad, who always supported me in cricket and told me many times that I should start a college team and play different colleges, which I kinda ignored due to lack of money, or college teams. When I heard about American College Cricket, it made me realize, what my dad was telling me was actually possible ! And I should really try, and start our very first Cricket club at Arkansas State.
Our Advisor/Coach, Dr. Pradeep Mishra was a big help behind starting the club, and taking us to Florida to compete in Nationals. Two volunteer coaches who are my cousins, Junior Das & Dan Das were my backbone to make this happen. Of course I’m grateful to all the players who have played under my leadership.
Our University is our biggest help, they have always encouraged us to play and gave us enough funds to Florida. The biggest shocker was when we reached Florida for Nationals in 2012 and found out that most teams ware partly funded by their own players but Arkansas State, coming for first year,was totally funded by University !”
The 5′ 11′ 160 lbs Divya, is a right hand Batsman and Fast Bowler . At the 2013 South West Regional in Dallas, in 3 matches he took 7 wickets with a best of 4 for 17; scored 89 with a Highest of 50 runs & took a catch to be the Group stages MVP. At the 2013 Nationals he had a highest score of 47*. At the 2012 South Central Regionals in Arkansas he had a best of 70* and took 2 for 27.
Due to weather the Red Wolves have not had much recent practice but “we are working individually on our fitness. As each day goes on, our excitement increases, specially for our new additions to the team. Going to Florida and playing cricket on the international field is a dream come true.”
Divya’s favorite cricketers are Virat Kohli, Dale Steyn and MS Dhoni. “My Dad, my University and my passion for cricket motivates me.”
Apart from cricket, Divya said “I love playing and watching Basketball and Football. I spend lot of my time playing Intramural flag football and basketball.  I am a Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Lakers fan. I am also a Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts fan. I am a big big Kobe Bryant fan ! What I learnt from Kobe Bryant is to NEVER GIVE UP and KEEP WORKING HARD.”
Satya Nadella, the new Microsoft CEO said,
“I think playing cricket taught me more about working in teams and leadership that has stayed with me throughout my career,”  shortly after he was named for the top post. What do you think of his statement ?
“The statement made by Satya Nadella is very true, you learn a lot from cricket as a leader and player. We are never too smart, never too good to learn more. There is a lot to learn in a Sports Club in college, about management, organization, communicating ideas & more.Every single player should be sharing and promoting cricket for there University and country.”
How do you think the ASU Red Wolves will do at the 2014 American College Cricket National Championship ?
“I see Arkansas State University Red Wolves as a contender for Chanderpaul Trophy, with the experienced players like  Varun Katta, Chirag Patel, Pranav Patel, one of the top run scorer in South West Regionals and lots of new talent.”
“Many players on our teams don’t realize how much work a Club President & the Club Executive have to do managing everything to do with putting a club team on the field. They may not realize the skills they can gain by being a major contributor to a club – skills that will look good on a resume, and help later in work & life. Divya Patel has demonstrated superb management skills, starting and developing the Arkansas State Red Wolves Cricket Club. His communication with me, and his understanding of American College Cricket goals have made him a joy to work with……oh, that sounds like a job recommendation ! lol” stated American College Cricket President Lloyd Jodah.
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