TV, Uniforms, Hotels, Sponsors – Spring Break Nationals

UNIFORMS : will be provided FREE to all teams registered, but we must order by Jan 31st (contact Lloyd Jodah to register). We will need your size requests, school logo & colors.

TELEVISION : In USA & Canada, TV Asia will televise the Semis & Finals of the Spring Break Championship (nationals). It will be a 9 cameras production, just like Tests & IPL with slow-motion replays, professional commentary (we may bring an International commentator such as Sunil Gavaskar ), graphics etc (even better than our 4 cameras productions done in Oct 2011).
Additionally highlights will be shown from other matches, and interviews with players from all of our clubs. Awards will be given out on TV.
TV Asia will host a Bollywood concert after the Finals on March 18.

SPONSORS: We can provide priceless exposure for your sponsors on TV. We can give them Stadium Banner space for 9 hours of advertising, & mention on TV Asia in commentary & interviews……..sponsors subject to approval. Contact Lloyd.

WHERE & WHEN : Ft Lauderdale, Florida…….March 14 – 18, 2012. March 13 is available for practice.

FIELDS : As in the past 3 Championships we will use the CBRP (Central Broward Regional Park) Cricket Stadium (ICC-Certified for ODIs) & its satellite fields, as well as Brian Piccolo fields in Ft Lauderdale Florida

The Stadium’s wicket is TURF. The satellite fields are ARTIFICIAL (not matting or carpet) that drain well and play fast and bouncy. Brian Piccolo wickets are TURF . The outfields are the best in the USA. The grass is cut low.

HOTEL : Quality Inn Sawgrass Conference Center – $ 79 per night, 4 to a room allowed (just $ 20 per person). Free hot breakfast. Free transportation to & from the Stadium fields. Free Wi Fi (improved). You can start reserving your rooms by calling , giving your school name & saying you’re with American College Cricket.|pmt|b&aid=10327316233&pkw=quality%20inn%20sawgrass%20conference%20center&tid=1547ere10489

NEARBY BEACHES etc – The beaches and attractions of Ft Lauderdale, South Beach and Miami are all close by. Players in our 2009, 2010 & 2011 Championships said it was the BEST Spring Break they have ever had !

WILD CARD Teams :  if you were not able to play, or do well in a Regional,or are a new team, you may still able to play in the Nationals based on certain criteria – contact Lloyd.

BONUS POINTS :  teams can start earning Bonus Points for the Nationals by posting articles on their profiles on Facebook & Google +.


TEAM COMPOSITION : Undergrads, Grads, MD & Phd students, & up to 2 alumni in the playing XI (if your school rules allow). A minimum of 2 Undergrads is recommended. The touring squad may be as large as you wish.
As in all our tournaments, ROSTERS are verified by the school. Teams must be picked regardless of nationality.

DOWN THE LEGSIDE : this is not baseball,with a known strike zone. Balls deemed playable on the legside (within about 3 inches of the leg stump) will NOT be called a wide – so practice your leg-side shots !

FACEBOOK : Every player must “like” the Facebook Fanpage of our website: “”.

SCORING : Each team will provide a scorer for each game. The games at the Stadium will be computer-scored.

MEDIA INTERVIEWS : Many of our players have been interviewed by their college & other media such as New York Times, Washington Post, NY Daily News, India Times, etc. TV Asia will also be interviewing you so be prepared to speak in front of a camera, as a representative of your College team, and American College Cricket. Do NOT refer to cricket as a “gentleman’s game” !

CLUBS ON THE WEB: I suggest every club have a Facebook group or Fanpage (you figure out which is better), and a page on your College’s website. You can also send major info to
I DON”T recommend you have your own website – its too much work, & often difficult to get someone to maintain it.

CONFERENCES : Last year we webcast the drawing of the groups. This year we will either televise on TV Asia or webcast the drawing. This year the Top 8 seeds will be separated, so we don’t have the “Group of Death” like last year.

Therefore your Ranking going into the Championship is important – how can you help your ranking outside of tournaments ? Post articles on Facebook & other Social Media.
Do other off the field activities – get an article in your college media ! This will also help your team earn Bonus Points going into the Championship.

UMPIRES, FIELDS, BALLS,STUMPS,WATER : are provided by American College Cricket.

HELMETS : mandatory against all medium & fast bowlers. Mandatory for in close fielders & wicketkeeper standing up.

TIME LIMITS : Each game will finish in 3 hours or less – we have done this for the past 3 years, & it works well. We’re adding penalties for delays by batting or fielding side.

NUMBER OF GAMES : In 2010 we played 47 games, in 2011 over 65 in 5 days. In 2012 each team will play a minmum of 3 or 4 matches, plus the playoffs & Finals if you make it.

REGISTER for the American College Cricket Spring Break Championship : Contact Lloyd Jodah,President. , 646 515 0712

EQUIPMENT : our preferred vender is , contact Ravi 347 387 2381,who promised to match any online price you can find. Another authorised vender is 

American College Cricket GEAR : is now available for purchasing through , also check our website.

The legendary Dilip Shenoy (Gators) with one of our Spokesmodels

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