Which college will take the Mid Atlantic Championship & the # 1 Rank? Register now !

In the national rankings 5 teams from the Mid Atlantic region of American College Cricket cracked the Top 20, with national Champions George Mason University at # 1 and 2009 Champions Montgomery College at # 2.
The 2010 Mid Atlantic Champion North Carolina State University is at # 6, with UMBC (# 18) and George Washington University (# 19). 
The University of North Carolina Tar Heels will make their American College Cricket debut, to take on traditional rivals, NCSU Wolfpack. The Virginia Tech Hokies have been preparing to improve on last year.
The 2011 American College Cricket Mid Atlantic Championship takes place Oct 22 & 23.
Register now – deadline for Registration is Oct 9.
Registrations must be emailed by Club Presidents to Lloyd Jodah, American College Cricket President – Dogevpr2@aim.com.
Please cc your Club Executive, including the Secretary, Treasurer and Captain.
Participation in the regional Championships is a pre-requisite for the nationals, the 2012 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship. The top teams will qualify for the nationals, to be held at the ICC ODI Certified Cricket Stadium in Ft Lauderdale.
For players wishing to begin a team at your college, in the USA and Canada, contact Lloyd Jodah.
STANDARD PROCEEDURES: As in all our Championships since 2009 the following rules apply for teams :
1. Team Composition : Students of the college only – though a maximum of 2 alumni are allowed in the playing XI *
Students can be Undergrad, Grad, PhD.
NEW: Each team must have a minimum of 2 Undergrad students.
2. your club must be a Club Sport, or the process begun. If it is not, contact Lloyd Jodah for guidance.
3. PROMOTION : without promotion of the game it would be “invisible cricket” with no value. As always American College Cricket is focused on making cricket visible in the college and mainstream media – all players, all teams are expected to do their part. Bonus Points apply starting now.
*except where school rules do not permit.



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