Rankings ! – Where is your College ?

The University of Pennsylvania leaped from # 28 to # 4 ! whilst 2 Texas teams, Texas A & M and Texas Tech came from nowhere (being new teams) into the top 10.

Likely contenders for the top 10 this college cricket season are 2010 Midwest Champion Purdue, University of Houston and Canadian Champion Ryerson University.

Despite winning non-collegiate tournaments in the DC area, UMBC have not found the same success at the College level, and dropped from # 6 to # 18.

George Washington University has shown improvement, moving up in the rankings whilst new teams, Sheridan College’s and McGill’s performances in the Canadian Championship indicate their growing strength.

2010 Northeast Champion Rutgers had a disappointing performance at the nationals but could jump back up the rankings in the upcoming Northeast and Southeast Championships respectively.

By the end of the regional Championships we may have a new # 1 as Montgomery, 2010 Southeast Champion Auburn, UPenn, USC, 2010 Mid Atlantic Champion North Carolina State and USF are poised to topple National Champion & 2011 Chanderpaul Trophy winner George Mason !

1-George Mason University – 2011 National Champions, winner of the Chanderpaul Trophy
2-Montgomery College – 2009 National Champions, winner of the Chanderpaul Trophy, 2011 Finalist
3-Auburn University
4-University of Pennsylvania
5-University of Southern Cal
6-North Carolina State
7-Texas A & M
8-York University – 2010 Champions, winner of the Chanderpaul Trophy
9-University of South Florida
10-Texas Tech
11-Rutgers University
13-Ohio State
14-University of Florida
15-University of Iowa
16-University of Minnesota
17-Thunderbird School of Global Management
18-University of Maryland-Baltimore Cty
19-George Washington U
20-U of Central Florida
21-Florida International
22-McGill University
23-NJ Institute of Technology
24-Boston University
25-Cleveland State
26-Florida Atlantic
27-College of Wooster
28-University of Houston
29-Purdue University
30-Ryerson University
31-Sheridan College
32-York College
33-Virgina Tech

These are the Top 33 of the aproximately 50 college cricket teams that will particpate in the 2011 regional Championships of American College Cricket. If you don’t see your College’s name – its simple, you can crack the Top 33 in the regionals.

Factors for Rankings:

1.The final four at the nationals, the 2011 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship, automatically claim the top four ranks.
2.Number of games won in the National and Conference Championships
3.Participation in the national Championship. Teams in the nationals automatically rank above those that were not.
4.Promotion of American College Cricket
5.Other criteria such as quality of opponents’ record may apply.

National Champions George Mason

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