Golf was invented by a cricket player ! Tiger Woods to try cricket ?

Paul “Tiger Woods” Daly


Golf was invented by a cricket player – an old or, exremely lazy cricket player in Scotland over 500 years ago.
At its most competitive cricket is an extremely athletic, physically and mentally demanding game requiring immense focus and concentration for the continued execution of its skills.
Having a 90 plus mph very hard ball flying at your head, or trying to catch it with your bare hands is extremely dangerous.
At its most recreational, its has a genteel pace that allows one to play even into one’s 60’s or older. 
However, this was still too vigorous for someone a few hundred years ago, and that’s how Golf was invented, here’s what probably happened and the thought process of the cricketer who invented Golf :
Batsman to the bowler :
“.I don’t want to run or even jog, back and forth …, I just want to swing at the ball.
So you bowl, I’ll just bat, no running….no, no wait !
Swinging at a moving ball is too hard !.
….how about if we just put the ball down here, stationary….right here……and I swing at it !
That’s a great idea ! Let me try that……(swings)…….its hard to hit when its flat on the ground….
Ah, I got it !….Let’s put it on a little pedestal so I can get a clean shot at it !….yes that’s it !
No running, no moving, no footwork, left foot forward, bending the knees….all that athletic stuff……shuffling of the feet, no more…..this is great…no more balls coming at me at 90 mph !
And you know what ?…..I’m just going to swing straight !….no angles, nothing…….no cover drive, flicks,hooks….none of that “infinite variety of strokes garbage”….just a straight drive !
And I’m not even going to bother hitting it flat along the ground !….I’m just hitting it….. !
That’s another thing…let’s get rid of the fielders…….NO fielders….none of that catching me out stuff….!
And furthermore since there’s no need for a bowler anymore… can carry my gear…..why should I sweat ?
And so Golf was invented…..
Some years later, after Mary,Queen of Scots’ was kicked off the English throne and the Scottish Stuarts were no longer the ruling monarchy of England, it became difficult to get cricket balls in Scotland.
 Smugglers then reduced the size of the balls (to their present size) and smuggled them from England to Scotland, between their legs in their groin area……hence the the origin of the phrase, “he has balls“……and “he has no balls“.

Researched & Written by Lloyd Jodah

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