2 Time All American Graduates to the Pros ! Farewell to Sai !

He’s the only cricket player to play for 2 different Colleges in American College Cricket history, and being an All American for both schools in different years (2010 & 2011). Now he has graduated and set to return to India to play professional cricket at the Ranji Trophy level. He will begin training in Mumbai shortly.

Saisitaram Ramesh burst unto the USA cricket scene at the 2010 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship when he wrecked teams with his off-spin bowling, and scored 51 in the Semis, nearly propelling the University of Florida Bulls to a win over eventual Champions, York University. Ramesh’s all round performances qualified him for the 2010 All American College 1st team.

Late 2010 Ramesh transferred to the University of Central Florida to complete his MA in Electrical Engineering but faced a problem – UCF had no cricket team. I convinced Sai that we should start a team so he got to work, and in a month UCF was able to field a strong team at the 2010 American College Cricket South East Championship, then 2011 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship. By this semester he said, “Cricket at UCF will be a sanctioned Club.”

Ramesh is one of the best batsmen in the USA. With orthodox strokes he can devastate the bowling in any kind of cricket, and has. Among his records are,a century in 35 balls, and 175 in a 20 over game.

Ramesh has been the top batsman and bowler in league cricket in Florida. Playing in the South Florida Cricket Alliance, Sai Ramesh was awarded the MVP, Best Batsman, and also was given the Most Centuries Awards. He went on to play great in the USACA SE Regional tournament, and plays for a team called the US Tigers in various tournaments.

When Sai left India to pursue his Master’s in Electrical Engineering in the USA he did not know “if he would be able to play cricket again”. He had begun playing cricket at age 5, in Delhi India and made it onto the Delhi Under 15 Team. 8 years later he moved to Chennai and played First Division Cricket for Sanmar Chemplast, which according to Ramesh won the Championship multiple times.

He also captained the South Zone University Team and at one point was on the list of Under 19 probables for India he said.

At the University of Central Florida, Sai assisting me in coordinating the visit by cricket icon Shiv Chanderpaul to the UCF campus where students from UCF and the University of Florida got to meet the great batsman. This was the first ever visit by an active Test player to an American University campus. What did he think of meeting Chanderpaul ? ” It was an awesome experience…such a down to earth person ! truly amazing ! Mr.Chanderpaul sporting a UCF T-Shirt..How about that ! “

Sai,24, has had interviews with some major companies but so far, no offers. He said, ” Leaving USA is a little heart-wrenching…When I came to USA, I dreamt of earning big money, having a big job. None of that has happened yet. Instead it has taught me the Value of Chasing your dreams…..probably thats why they say -“Its a land of Opportunities”.

About American College Cricket, ”

It was great ! The competition at the Championships were bigger than I had imagined ! There were so many good players I played against. Its the best thing happening in cricket in America, and has provided cricket with an American media platform it didn’t have before.”

Sai Ramesh MA (UCF), All American USF 2010, All American UCF 2011, is leaving, but he has left a legacy for the game that he can feel great about.


Sai,playing for USF at the 2010 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship


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