Hokies Cricket have their own Field, with Lights ! Win Award !

Most of the the teams playing in American College Cricket were started by American College Cricket, but in the few instances where there were pre-existing teams becoming part of the national organisation is earning these clubs much more recognition, as the USC Trojans and North Carolina State clubs found. 

Now Virginia Tech Cricket Club Captain Rajaram Bhagavathula reports that his club won the ‘Most Improved Club of the Year’ award among 29 other sports clubs in the Department of Recreational Sports at Virginia Tech !

Virginia Tech University has a cricket field, which began with half a pitch but last year was improved to a full pitch. The field also has lights so the team gets to practice under lights.

Anthony Frayne (Virginia Tech) with Shanae Strachan, Ms Teen Bahamas 2008 at the 2010 American College Cricket Mid Atlantic Championship

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