Dates for 6 regional Conference Championships set !

USC Cheerleaders,before the inaugural USC vs UCLA cricket game at Cromwell Stadium

The dates of the 2011 American College Cricket Conference  Championships, the regional tournaments, have been set for this Fall. 
Last year, in only its 2nd year, American College Cricket held 5 regional Conference Championships : the Midwest Championship which was won by Purdue University, the Northeast won by Rutgers, the Midatlantic won by North Carolina State, the Southeast won by Auburn and the West Coast won by USC. This year a 6th Conference, the Southwest will be added, and played in Texas.
The following are the dates:
Midwest (Big 10) –  Oct 1 & 2,   for the Gordon Gee Trophy
Northeast –            Oct 8 & 9
Mid Atlantic –         Oct 22 & 23
Southeast –           Nov 12 & 13
West Coast –        Nov 26 & 27
Southwest (Big 12) – to be determined.
In 2010 a total of 30 Universities played, for 2011 at least 50 will participate as American College Cricket continues to create teams across the USA & Canada. Additionally, the Canadian Universities & Colleges Championship for the Sarwan Trophy will be played.
American College Cricket President Lloyd Jodah secured the endorsement of West Indies Test Cricketer Ramnaresh Sarwan for the Canadian tournament, which was inspired by York University winning the 2010 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship. 
Off the field performance (including Facebook and other media promotion) will play roles in determining eligibilty for the Conference Championships. The top teams from each Conference will progress to the 2012 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship.
Mostly Big 10 colleges compete in the Midwest Conference for the Gordon Gee Trophy, Gee is the President of Ohio State University and on the Advisory Board of American College Cricket. Last year President Gee attended the Conference Finals.
In a continuation of American College Cricket’s efforts to broadcast more cricket, webcasts of the Finals of each Conference are being considered. The webcast of the 2010 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship was the first ever broadcast of any domestic American cricket. 3 matches were webcast in 2010, and 6 in 2011.   
Dates are subject to change. TO REGISTER CONTACT: Lloyd Jodah 646 515 0712,

Nicole interviewing Romel Somavat,2010 College Player of the Year & OSU Captain- a main organizer of the Midwest Championship 

Tiffany interviews Rutgers captain Nisarg Choksi at the 2010 Northeast Championship

Shanae interviewing Shaan Mehta,George Washngton U’s captain at the 2010 Midatlantic Championship

Daisy interviewing Auburn captain Naveen at the 2010 Southeast Championship after their first game

Amanda with the Thunderbird team at the 2010 West Coast Championship

USC Cheerleaders before the inaugural USC vs UCLA cricket match



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